Artist Jamison Ernest On His 7 Day Diamond Hunting Art Exhibition

At Jamison Ernest’s Bouncing Cars exhibition at the Ambassador Gallery in NYC, the artist hid 7 custom cut diamonds in a maze. For 7 days, he gave groups of 7 exactly 7 minutes to hunt down the jewels, leaving the maze not only ‘with a new understanding of our universe’, but also $77,777 richer. We caught up with the artist to talk shop about the exhibition…

What inspired your Bouncing Cars exhibit?

An accident I witnessed  and was nearly a part of had rooted something deep within my consciousness, I create beauty from dark places, it is my own form of therapy…I’m a closet depressive, if I didn’t create I probably would have committed suicide a long time ago

Why was the number 7 used so much in this exhibition?

I’ve always had a deep connection with the number 7. I opened the show on nov 7th at 7pm, I feel that all great foundations are built with the number seven…7 days of the week , 7 stages of a mans life… it signifies the root of structure a lot happens with the number 7 and its multiplication or division. I believe all the mysteries of life can be figured out with the correct mathematical and musical structures, they are they foundation of all universes. Seven continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. Can it all be one big coincidence?


Why did you choose to do a diamond hunt for your exhibition?

I wanted to give people hope, especially around the holidays when most hopeless people are at their lowest points…diamonds for some reason bring out the sparkle in peoples eyes. In the end I think what the attendees realized is that it wasn’t about the diamonds, it was about the spark and fire it ignited within and brought them together for an experience unlike anything they have done before. It inspired people to feel alive again, it gave them energy and a new sense of purpose. I received so many amazing emails and handwritten letters from people thanking me for giving them the a chance, hope and a new found will to believe in themselves again

How many people found the diamonds and what were their reactions?

Seven people found the diamonds and their reactions were disbelief and accomplishment. They truly felt they earned it and that’s what makes them appreciate it so much more.

If you were one of those people, what would you’ve done with it?

I don’t  know the financial state of the people that attened…but it seemed like some of them really needed it. If I was one of them I would’ve sold it to pay my bills. If it was actually me who found it I would’ve made a necklace from it and given it as a gift to my mother.

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