Artist Elohim Reveals The Reason Behind Why She Conceals Half Of Her Face

From her floaty vocals mixed with dreamy bass-lines to her recent debut AA-side 12″ single via B3SCI Records featuring “She Talks Too Much” + “Xanax,” (which Zane Lowe premiered on Apple Music/Beats 1!), LA based artist Elohim still has a mysterious persona, and that’s why we love her. Elohim reveals the reason behind why she conceals half of her face, what it was like to perform at MIT and so much more, below!

Why and when did you decide to conceal your face?

It was a moment of spontaneity, where we were experimenting and happened to create this beautifully weird, masked image. It was so dark and mysterious, but oddly sexy at the same time. The juxtaposition of this lean body wearing a mask while holding a cigarette made it seem like a painting. As soon as the photo developed I knew it was the one. It gave me a feeling that coincided with what I wanted others to feel when they experience my music. Mystery lends itself to intrigue, and leaves room to unravel.

You customize most of your clothing! How did this start?

It started as a way for me to bridge the gap between what I wanted to wear and what was available. Every time I would go shopping I would find current trends uninteresting, and end up just buying the basic pieces so I could transform them into what I envisioned. It’s fun for me and the only way to dress exactly how I’d like to.

Tell us about what it was like performing at MIT!

Wow, performing at MIT was a very special night for me. Boston is such an enchanting city and there’s this magical feeling in the air as soon as you arrive. The students there were incredibly down to earth and warm hearted. For being known as such a prestigious school, they have a genuine passion for music and art that was truly inspiring. The setting had so much character, it was a classically designed courtyard that felt straight out of a movie. It was that intimate setting and the brisk fall night that made me feel like it was exactly where I was supposed to be. The students were all truly fans of my music and it was exciting to spend time with all of them. We packed up and drove back to New York that night at 1am, it was worth every minute of the drive.

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Photography by Nicola D’Orazio

Styling by Rose Garcia

Hair by Delmar Maurice

Makeup by Issac Olaizola

Shot at Electric Room NYC

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