This Art Project Gives Minnie Mouse the Fashion Cred She Deserves

When you think of Minnie Mouse, you probably wouldn’t associate her with high fashion.

But, our most beloved Disney character has actually played a huge role in the fashion industry over the years. From inspiring collections like Kate Spade and LC Lauren Conrad to making a statement in some of the most praised fashion photos in history, Minnie’s signature red and white polka dot skirt (which was inspired by Coco Chanel) has made more of an impact than you can imagine.

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Don’t believe us? Check out these iconic pics of Madonna and Twiggy wearing the iconic Minnie ears and bow.

Now, a super cool artist is paying her the homage that she deserves.

In honor of Disney’s annual #RockTheDots celebration of Minnie Mouse and released ahead of National Polka Dot Day (January 22nd),  fine art photographer Gray Malin has created a 3D aerial landscape with Minnie herself as the center focus. The “Red Carpet” image series draws inspiration from classic Hollywood and its iconic landscape, aiming to evoke the essence of the classic polka dotted print that Minnie wears so well.

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Malin, who is famous for aerial photos of beaches you’ve def seen all over Instagram, has also created a video composition in addition to the still life photo series. Take a look at this seriously awesome piece below, where Malin has staged a formal red carpet affair from aerial view.

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Prints from the “Red Carpet” series are available on Malin’s website,

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