[EXCLUSIVE] Get Your First Peak At Art Baby Girl’s New IDGAF Look Book

If you’re a girl who stays up at night on the internet, chances are you’re already familiar with the work of Brooklyn based artist Grace Miceli, or as the Internet likes to call her, Art Baby Girl. At the ripe age of twenty-six, not only is Grace totally Instagram famous, but she can also count high-profile celebrities like Lena Dunham, Tavi Gevinson and Petra Collins as fans. From handcuff and rainbow printed bras to t-shirts featuring the inflamatory words of Drizzy Drake, Art Baby Girl has created a line of clothing perfect for any girl whose manta can be summed up with IDGAF. Drawing inspiration from UK girl groups from the 1990’s – early 2000’s, we couldn’t be prouder to exclusively debut Grace’s new look book for her one-of-a-kind girl power fashion line. Prepare to be obsessed.


“When I stated doing my drawings people would often comment to me, ‘That would look so cool on a shirt’ and I was like, ‘yeah, yeah’ but one day I was just like, “f*ck it – I’m gonna make some cute crop tops.’”




“I know I talk and post about Drake a lot and everybody probably thinks I’m probably like, obsessed with Drake, but I just feel like, I hope one day we meet. Like I just want to be his friend that like, supports him and appreciates him, and I just feel that we would be really good friends. But I just want to make a public service announcement: I don’t want to marry Drake. That’s not what my love is, and that’s not what my devotion is about.”


“An homage to the girl who routinely & accidentally leaves her skirt tucked into her underwear when she leaves the school bathroom and falls asleep next to her open laptop every night”







“Suburban Mall Food Court Streetwear, waiting in line at Auntie Anne’s with your BFFs.”


Like what you see?  Buy Art Baby Girl’s stuff here.  And make sure to check out her Girls At Night On The Internet Pop-Up Shop at Alt Space Brooklyn on Sunday October 11th from 12-7pm featuring Art Baby Girl, Samantha Pleet, Penelope Gazin, Shana Sadeghi-Ray, NAC Equipment, Rhiverxx & My Little Stoney (my little pony’s that have been turned into pipes/bongs).  Only in Brooklyn.

Lookbook shot by Savanna Ruedy
Styled by Savannah Lands
Featuring Apple Drysdale, Quinn Felipe, and Fabiola Lara.
All photos curtesy of the one, the only Grace Miceli.  

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