Ariel Winter went for a formal loincloth look at last night’s Emmys

Ariel Winter is a DGAF fashion icon of our times. She does things like rock a thong with sneakers on a hike and post Memorial Day-inspired thirst traps, because she damn well pleases, that’s why.

So it’s no surprise that she rocked what basically amounted to a formal loincloth at the Emmys last night. Take a look at this masterpiece:

#Emmys #2017 💎

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Okay, technically it’s not a loincloth. It’s a dress with two slits. But still, your fave could never.

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Although the haters might try to get her down, Ariel Winter will keep doing her thing. And Ariel bb, if you’re looking to branch out into licensing, we would absolutely be into a line of thotty rave-wear designed by you. Just an idea.

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