Ariel Winter and her BF got the cheesiest tiny tats

Tiny tats are all the rage in young Hollywood, and lately, so are couple tats.

You’d think people would’ve realized by now that getting a permanent marking on your body for your teenage boyfriend is a horrible idea, but I guess when you’re young and in love (and rich) you’re blinded. Not to mention tattoo removal is a more realistic option these days than it used to be.

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The latest pretty young thang to get a tiny tat with her boo is our fave thot-positive gal, Ariel Winter.

But instead of going for a heart, some initials, or something else “romantic,” she got a piece of cheese inked on her finger.

Yesterday she posted pics of her, her boyfriend, and her BFF going to the tattoo parlor, and then she shot pics of the results. Two heart halves, a snake for herself, and a small peanut butter and cheese finger tat.

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It’s actually unclear which tattoos were the ones she got with her boo and which she got with her BFF, but you can probably assume from her previous Instagram post that her boyfriend, Levi, is the one who got the peanut butter.

When your bf gets you matching jackets with your nicknames on them because you were having a sad day >

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Are the foods a match made in heaven? Not exactly, but the tats are pretty adorable. We’d also love to know how these nicknames came about…


The BFF ones, while standard, are also classique.


And Ariel’s solo snake tat is also pretty killer, and not quite as tiny.


We’ll cross our fingers that Ariel and Levi stay together forever so that she never has to look upon a piece of cheese with bad memories! Now that would be the real tragedy.

H/T: Glamour

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