Ariel Beesley Has Been Rocking & Rocking Dyed Hair Since She Was 10

We love models who are fearless and Ariel Beesley is just that. She;s also a musician, with ambitions to play the Sitar. Check out our her interview and photographs by Danielle Defoe!

Galore Mag - Ariel Beesley

What agency are you with?
Wilhelmina models

What is your zodiac sign?

You have a great sound it’s very pure and genuine, when did you first start singing?
Well when I was younger I was really into musical theater, so I was singing through that since I was about five. I was always writing as well, but it wasn’t until I was 14 and started playing guitar that I put the two together and started writing my own music. I think I really found my voice when I picked up the ukulele.

What has been your biggest musical influence?
I’m all over the place with my musical influences. I’ve always loved classics like Frank Sinatra but then I love the fun, dreamy feeling of bands like The Cure.

Do you have any interest in acting?
I did stage acting for a long time and I absolutely loved it. But I’ve never really been drawn to the idea of being on screen. I feel like through modeling a lot of the time I get to play characters, so it feels like acting sometimes.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
Hmm I’ve had every color of the rainbow hair, and I first died my hair neon blue when I was 10 and thought I was super punk rock.

Galore Mag - Ariel Beesley

How would you describe your style and what are your wardrobe essentials / staple items?
My style changes every day depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I like to dress like a boy, I like suits and fancy shirts. But then other times I’ll dress super girly and only wear dresses and flowers in my hair. Mainly I think I like to mix elements of the two and I always have my leather jacket. I’ve had it since I was 6 years old when it was a full length, huge coat on me. Now it’s perfectly cropped, with three-quarter sleeves. Definitely my staple item.

How would you like to see yourself and your music evolve in the next couple years?
I think I can only hope to continue to grow and learn. I’m always learning new chords and trying to be a better musician. Maybe in the future it would be fun to get some other instruments involved like drums instead of it just being me and my uke. Would give it a bit of an edgier sound. But for now I’m just going to continue to try to write as much as I can and keep recording.

What’s something you would like to accomplish or learn how to do in your lifetime?
I would love to be able to play the sitar in my lifetime, I think it just has such a beautiful sound. But I would really just like to accomplish being completely happy and satisfied with my life and the things I have created.

Can you give us 5 songs you are into at the moment / all time favs?
1. Dream a little dream of me- Mama Cass Elliot
2. Violet- Hole
3. Like a bad girl should- The Cramps
4. Boys don’t cry- The Cure
5. After hours- The Velvet Underground

Galore Mag - Ariel Beesley

Galore Mag - Ariel Beesley

Galore Mag - Ariel Beesley

Galore Mag - Ariel Beesley

Photographer: Danielle DeFoe
Model / Talent: Ariel Beesley
Stylist: Donna Lisa
MUA: Nathan Hejl
Hair: Jessie Verroca

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