Ariana Grande’s Grandma Just Found Out Ari Sings About the D

Inviting your grandma over can be fun — especially when there are baked goods and/or money involved.

But inviting your grandma over to your concert where you sing about having a bang bang marathon can be kind of awkward.

Just ask Ariana Grande.

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On Saturday night, Ariana Grande invited her grandma to grace the front row of her Las Vegas concert, and from the looks of things, Ari’s grandmother wasn’t prepared to see her baby all grown up.

While Ari’s brother Frankie lip syncs into his phone like he’s entering a contest to win a lifetime supply of hair dye, her grandmother just sits there, with her hand on her face like, “what is love? baby don’t hurt me no more.”

Now, according to a TMZ article that’s apparently since been deleted for who knows what reason, Ari’s grandmother actually loved Ariana’s performance and was deliberately making faces like she was hating it just for fun, but it’s hard to tell what’s the truth and what’s spin these days.

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Long story short, don’t invite your grandmother to a concert where you sing about riding d.

Just don’t.

It’ll be awkward and embarrassing for everybody.

Just get your brother to turn the camera away from his face for two minutes and thirty five seconds to film you singing a love song recorded before you’d had intercourse.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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