Are You Dating A Dude From The O.C.?


I don’t crush on guys easily, but when I do it’s hard. The first crush was Leonardo DiCaprio, obviously. But after him came my favorite nerd, Seth Cohen.

The O.C. was a show that I used to secretly watch when I was younger because my parents didn’t approve of it and then recap the episodes the next day with my friend Jenny.

But the boys from The O.C. were not only hot, they represented the types of boys you can end up actually dating. We all know a Seth, Oliver, or Ryan. But if you don’t, let me help you count the ways.


Seth Cohen

Paving the way for hot nerds, he has the best music taste in the game and can kill you with laughter. Sure he’s shy or awkward at times, but his love for you is over the moon, spiderman-kiss-in-the-rain-worthy, as he’ll forever have you on a pedestal.


Ryan Atwood

He’s the good guy from the wrong side of the tracks. His heart is golden and his intentions are genuine, but there is a tiny mean streak that can be set off by the slightest jealousy. But he’ll always protect you.


Luke Ward

This is your brainless Abercrombie & Fitch model in a nutshell. His shiny blonde hair and technically “good physique” aka hot surfer bod, is enough to make you melt. He has a few family problems, but that doesn’t keep him from winning you over with his looks.


Johnny Harper

Over emotional, extremely needy, definitely clingy, and probably a home wrecker. He doesn’t care if you’re with someone else, he’ll win you with his friendship and slowly create the diverge between you and your partner. Sneaky little bastard. Also, he does it in such a chill way that it’s hard to figure it out until he locks lips with you.


Oliver Trask

Borderline obsessive. No, actually obsessive. A compulsive liar, he’ll do anything to get you in a relationship with him. Like, oh, I don’t know, fake a girlfriend and try to win you over with money and trips and pretending to listen to your feelings. Grows up to become Patrick Bateman.


Zach Stevens

He’s too nice. He’s bland with a side of zero excitement and usually falls into your safe bet for the night. You’re comfortable with him and he likes you a lot, but you never end up feeling any real sparks for him.


Kevin Volchok

He’s crazy and unapologetic. The perfect mix for a bad boy. He does everything you were always told not to. He didn’t finish school, smokes cigarettes, is the worst driver ever, and is addicted to drugs. He’s such a f***ing mess that…you dig it. But it’s definitely not going anywhere serious.

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