“Are You A Feminist?” Here’s 4 Celebrity Answers

When did it become so imperative for a celebrity to be a feminist? Let us rephrase that, as of course it has ALWAYS been important for EVERYBODY to be a feminist. I suppose the real question here is when did it become trendy to ask every young, hot female celebrity whether she is a feminist at the beginning of every interview. Fact is, that the basic belief in gender equality is a popular trend and if you have this belief, you are in. If you don’t? You are ridiculed. Here are a few celebs who have gotten the “Are you a feminist?” answer down pat, and a couple who haven’t.

For her interview with Out magazine Beyonce talked owning her own sexuality and the double standard that stands between men and women in today’s society. Beyonce has always been a force of nature and using her power and influence to talk about a cultural issue was the absolute right way to face the question of feminism.

Taylor Swift
Despite her very ball biting lyrics and songs about girl power and friendship, Taylor has seemed resistant to call herself a feminist. In an interview with The Daily Beast, when asked if she considered herself a feminist, Taylor responds that she believes in working as hard as men to earn the same benefits as them but declines to call herself a feminist. Hm. Is it possible to give the definition of feminism and still insist that you aren’t one?

Katy Perry
In a now famous interview, when asked what feminist means to her Katy gave a technically correct but still pretty embarrassing definition of feminism. “[It] means that I love men but I also love myself!”. So I guess that Katy Perry is a feminist… sort of.

Miley Cyrus
Is she a feminist dream or a nightmare? There has been quite some debate about Miley’s tongue twirling, booty twerking ways, but the truth still stands that when it comes to girl power, she’s got it. In her Elle interview with Tavi Gevinson, Miley stated that she considers herself part of the feminist evolution going on in culture right now and gave a very hopeful response to where she thinks pop culture is going in terms of equal right for both male and female performers.

Shailene Woodley
The sad part is that what with her girl power heavy roles and surprisingly sophisticated vibe, Shaileene has turned into a bit of a dud in the information department. In her latest Time magazine interview she stated that she was not a feminist because she “loves men”. Oh Shailene, close but no cigar.

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