Are We Over Being In Love?


I was talking to a friend the other night about love and dating and specifically how hard it is to date now. Of course he told me that women are to blame. That we have become so jaded by the entire dating scene that our hearts turn into ice and we close ourselves off to the possibility of love.

Which led me to say how maybe girls wouldn’t be so damaged and jaded if guys were actually decent and raised properly.

Obviously nobody is going to win this argument because there are several ways to go back and forth about it. But it did get me to think about how sad dating is nowadays. Everyone is a realist, nobody trusts anyone, and we’ve all been burned badly by someone is our pasts. So if everyone is equally as hurt and f***ed up as the next person, then why are we still so cold to one another?

I mean girls love to say how much guys suck and have no soul. But guys love to throw into play the fact that “these hoes ain’t loyal” and we’re all bitches. Of course there are a lucky few who find great guys and end up in a solid and committed relationship. But I’m not talking about the 1% of the dating world. I’m talking about the other 99 who got problems and a bitch or man for sure is one.

Should we start to put little white flags outside our apartments? Or keep trekking through all the bullshit people until we finally end up with our happy ending. Not like the massage stuff though. Although that wouldn’t be so bad either.

But in this day and age where you can literally swipe for a partner or pick them up at a bar, is dating now seen as a lost art?

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