Are Gay Girls Having Better Sex?


According to Autostraddle’s Ultimate Lesbian Sex Survey, the answer is yes…

At least if you’re measuring the quality of sex in terms of the amount of orgasms you’re having. Autostraddle recently took it upon themselves to conduct a survey gathering data on the sex lives of lesbians. Among a plethora of interesting results including the fact that, queer women apparently masturbate more than straight women, the survey revealed that 77.8% of queer women have orgasms every single time they have sex with their partner, while data from a Cosmopolitan survey indicated that only 57% of straight women do.

Even more telling perhaps, is the data in regards to queer women in relationships. 65.7% of queer women in monogamous relationships are orgasming every time they have sex. For queer women in non monogamous relationships the numbers slip to 50.4%, and they take an even bigger dip for singles– of which 44% are having orgasms every single time.

These numbers seem to speak to something we’ve written about before on Galore– that being casual sex just isn’t as good as sex that you have with someone you’ve had time to develop a sexual and personal rapport with.

Apparently this shows in other factors of Autostraddle’s data as well– for monogamous couples who discussed sex at least several times a month are apparently having lots of orgasms. 88%, in fact.

But what if you’re straight and you, too, want to start having orgasms every time you have sex with your partner? For one, it would seem that you should definitely start talking about what goes down in your bedroom outside of the bedroom. You could try telling your boyfriend what gets you off. Or, perhaps, you could try incorporating lesbian sex practices in your straight relationship. In other words, your boyfriend should start going down on you ASAP. If he’s terrible at it, and let’s face it, a lot of men are, try showing him these tips on eating pussy (and these tips on how NOT to do it). Start there, and the possibilities are endless.

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