Are Cheaters Getting Their Karma With Ashley Madison Hacker?

Have you heard of Ashley Madison? If you haven’t you should probably consider yourself lucky. It’s a dating site…for married people. Ashley Madison boasts the slogan “life is short, have an affair” and is one of the most popular sites for cheating spouses.

If you’re anti-cheating, this site probably makes you furious. It’s bad enough that people are cheating on their lawfully wedding spouses, but it’s worse that some business men are profiting off of helping cheaters have affairs.

The good news? The cheaters (and the owners of Ashley Madison) may finally be getting some payback.

Hackers have gotten access to Avid Life Media database and claim to have access to a multitude of information from their sites which include Cougar Life and Established Men (a sugar daddy site) in addition to Ashley Madison.

After an initial leak, the hackers promise to leak more information unless Avid Life Media shuts down their sites. Avid Life Media has confirmed that their database holds credit card information of all the users, and that although they have been charging users a small fee in order to delete the information from the database, it has been found out that it’s impossible for them to actually delete information at this point.

Avid Life Media claims that they are investigating a potential hacker and confirms that it was probably an inside job.

Unfortunately for the people involved in the 40 MB of data already released, they might be filing for divorce papers soon…or maybe their spouse will take a golf club to their windshield instead? Unfortunately for those who thought they were being “smart” using a reputable site for their infidelity, they seem to have forgotten that karma always comes back around.

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