Apparently “Zoolander 2” Is Really Really Ridiculously Horrible

All the celebrities in the world couldn’t save this one, since critics seem to have made up their mind; Zoolander 2, the 6th movie directed by Ben Stiller, and sequel to the legendary male-model comedy, is horrible.

The film, which takes place years after the original, features the main character drawn out of his self-imposed exile to New Jersey in order to rejoin forces with his buddy Owen Wilson for a mission in Rome: take down Alexanya Atoz (played by Kristen Wiig) , tyrant leader of the fashion world, whose character draws bizarre inspiration from Donatella Versace.

Justin Bieber, Willie Nelson, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Katy Perry, Susan Boyle, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour and Tommy Hilfiger, Sting, Kate Moss, are among the celebrities whose cameos contribute to the “tepid satire”.

Stephen Holden of the The New York Times (the guy calling Zoolander 2 a tepid satire) did bring up something interesting, however:

“In Derek’s imagination — and, I would like to think, in Mr. Stiller’s on a good day — he’s a devastatingly handsome specimen with his laser-blue eyes and prominent cheekbones. One reason the character registers so strongly is that Derek suggests Mr. Stiller’s personal obsession with his looks. He knows firsthand that men, deep down, are more vain than women, that in their fantasies most men see themselves as irresistible lady-killers.”

Could Zoolander have been  created out of a need for an alter-ego on the part of Ben Stiller? Does Ben feel insecure about his looks? Comedians are strange people, so this could be a possibility. I guess I’ll be one of the suckers in line for this 22%-rated-by-Rotten Tomatoes movie this weekend, in search of the truth behind ‘blue steel’.

Photo credit: The New York Times

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