Wait, Apparently Chicks With Tattoos Are Sluttier?

Although we’ve seemed to come a long way in our society’s view on tattoos as a whole, a new study by a grad student at University of Texas San Antonio says otherwise.

In the study, 211 people were shown four photos of the same woman with no tattoo, a skull and crossbones, a butterfly, and a rose. The researcher, Lisa Oakes, explained that “When she had a tattoo, she was rated as looking like… she might be more receptive to sex without a committed relationship. She looked like she had lower standards of partner selectivity, and she looked like she had a higher sex drive then the girl without the tattoo.”

I’m sorry, when did what we put on our body have anything to do with our sexual preference? And when are women going to stop being judged on their sexuality based on what they wear? Although we admit that the survey was a small sample, we can only hope that a larger sample size would prove to be less judgmental.

If a guy has tattoos, do you view him as more sexually daring? Weigh in below!

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