This App Will Tell You If You’re Pregnant (Or Not)


First response, one of the leading manufacturers of pregnancy tests, decided to step up their product range in 2016. They have recently unveiled the First Response Pro Digital Pregnancy Test & App.

The app does not radically change the traditional way of testing for pregnancy, and you certainly don’t pee on your phone. However, the Pregnancy Pro stick syncs with the app using bluetooth technology. The app then displays results on your cell phone, rather than you having to check the box to remember which line combination means “not pregnant.”

During the grueling three minute waiting period post-peeing, the app user is confronted with three options to distract her from the countdown. These options include “calm me” and “distract me” which involve carefully selected videos and imagery, as well as “educate me” which gives the user more knowledge about fertility and pregnancy.

If pregnant, the app will take steps to inform the user of questions to ask their doctor, milestones in the baby’s growth, and even a roughly estimated due date. If not pregnant, the app will remind the user of how to track fertility and other helpful hints.

While it’s admirable to see how First Response is changing with the times (and their consumer) to develop a product that is fully interactive and linked to bluetooth, we’re not quite sure that the product is worth the price tag. The kit will retail between $15 and $22, compared to their standard test which is sold at $10 for two sticks. If you’re not trying to get pregnant, you probably don’t want to be shelling out extra cash on a test that you’re going to get rid of as soon as possible. And if you are trying to get pregnant, you’re probably going to take advice from your doctor rather than an Iphone app. However, if you’re the type of girl who loves to share her entire life with social media, maybe the First Response app can share your pregnancy test results on your Facebook page?

Photos courtesy of First Response and ScanVine

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