Anti Social Social Club On Living The Brand You Represent


It’s hard not to mix up streetwear brands. In the past years, all Barbara Kruger-inspired logos, Tumblr-esque advertisements (pouty-lipped girls, weed-leaf print socks, blunt smoke) and graphic tees have blended together into uniform aesthetic that looks good, but isn’t exactly unique. Anti Social Social Club, the mainly online-based brand of hats, shirts, and jackets easily stands out. The design is simple, but bold. The caps, for example, are six-paneled, and sold in pastel colors. There’s very little information about the brand online. Everything on A.S.S. Club website looks cool.

“The brand got started when I’d think about people I knew that were really anti-social in a social setting. It was as simple as that. I never really hung out with anyone until recently, when I moved to Los Angeles,” Neek Lurk, founder and designer told me. “I started a photoblog, where I’d post random flicks of my everyday life. So naturally, I made a t-shirt that people could wear to rep. Then I made the cap that everyone loves now.”


Neek, who also serves as the creative director for Stussy, is a veteran of the industry, so I asked—how does someone even start a streetwear company these days?

“Well, streetwear is a mainstream thing now. Everyone and their uncle is starting something new. Kids can go online, see something and then copy it quickly without knowing anything about the culture behind it,” he told me. “Growing up in the age of the internet has helped me, but actually visiting cities where cool things are happening helped me develop real experience to learn from. A lot of kids today only look at Instagram, or their favorite ‘Insta-famous’ rich kids for inspiration. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but in order to get out there, you have to live the lifestyle and not just ‘like’ a photo.”


Anti Social Social Club’s aesthetic reflects Neek’s interest in functionality (and sartorial bravery). “The girls who wear these clothes aren’t necessarily into streetwear, but they wear clothes with a relaxed fit,” he said. “I like girls that can pull off wearing key designer pieces mixed with with cheap plain basic pieces.”

“What about the guys? Which guys would you like to see wearing A.S.S. Club?” I asked.

“Dude-wise, it doesn’t really matter. If you can pull off a light pink hat, then I’m down.”


I asked him about his own favorite clothing, and he responded like a true streetwear fundamentalist. “I never really loved one piece of clothing. Whatever I feel comfortable with that I can go to the office, get groceries, then go out to an event. That fit will be the daily fit for weeks to come.”

“What about your influences? Any designers?”

“Honestly, the Korean dad that walks around K-Town with the dope dad hat, baggy khakis and tucked-in Polo shirt.”

Take Neek’s advice for anyone looking to design the next Supreme hat—”Find your niche, get with the right people, be conscious of your timing, and actually live the brand you represent.”

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