Angie Esteban Is Her High School’s First Transgender Prom Queen

Angie Esteban stands proud as Salina High School’s first transgender prom queen, but her experience wasn’t always so glamorous. Like many transgender teens, Angie spent the majority of her youth feeling rejected and misunderstood. “I used to fight a lot and get suspended from school. I would get bullied, but I would bully back. If you started with me, I would finish it. I know how to defend myself” she told The Californian. But unlike many transgender teens, Angie found support from one of her teachers who helped her overcome the odds. With more acceptance from both herself and others, she was able to take the higher road with her classmates and find true forgiveness.  “I didn’t like the way they were staring at me at lunchtime so I went up to them and told them, ‘I don’t have a problem with you.’… They were relieved I felt that way,” she explained.


But how did the girl who was constantly rejected become the most popular girl in school? Because of her courage: “I already knew who I was and who I wanted to be at a young age,” she said. And with Angie’s sharp focus on her future, she’s graduating on honor roll with one of the highest GPAs in her class and a sea of modeling opportunities.

It’s up to girls with positive outlooks who are fighting for their dreams to offer a good example to transgenders everywhere, and with grace, Angie Esteban will continue to both aspire and inspire.

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