Conway Talks Touring, Energy, And Collabing With All Saints


Hot off the heels of collabing with All Saints on her new music video ‘Attack’, we caught Conway’s show at the LA Satellite. We were so blown away by her performance, killer stage presence and energy, we couldn’t resist hitting Conway up for an interview! Angelo Kritikos caught up with the singer to talk tour life, moonlighting as a onesie designer, and her future plans. Check it out! 


We saw your live show from your Satellite residency here in LA and fell in love with how energetic you are! How would you describe your performance style?

It’s pretty visceral. Every show is different and it depends on my mood, the crowd, environment etc. Even though I feel confident on stage my energy is really channelled in some way or another through the people participating.

What song off your new EP ‘Shut Up’ is your favorite to play live?

I love “Attack”. It comes from such a deep and truthful place and it’s kind of a personal anthem.

This video of you backstage on tour with Ellie Goulding shows you digging through various outfits you’ve put together and created. Is there a favorite fashion piece you’ve made? Is design something you’re interested in?

I think my favorite onesie was the one I designed with the neon handprints that staggered from heart to foot. I broke it on tour. Sad day. I appreciate good design and tailoring. My skills are extremely limited and necessity born, but I love to create characters to suit my mood.

Do you like the tour life? What are your three tour must-haves?

I love traveling and playing everyday so touring is my favorite thing to do. Tour must haves are my own pillow, a candle with a cover and throat coat tea.

When do you feel most creatively fulfilled? Is it writing, in the studio, playing a live show, creating visuals etc.?

My time in the studio is so fulfilling in that personal and private victory moment of creative inception. Like catching the dragon you’ve been chasing – you can’t believe it. It’s magical and you keep that excitement and obsession of writing something great with you for days, like you’ve got an incredible secret. Playing a great show is the closest thing I can imagine to flying or feeling totally free, nothing else exists in that moment. Just you, music and everyone’s energy all focused in a power stream.

Tell us a little bit about your collaboration with All Saints on your latest video, “Attack”. How did this come about?

I have always loved All Saints clothing and became a fan of their musical collaborations/videos when I saw what they did with Phantogram, and I kind of started stalking them. Finally, one of their creative directors came to our first show in London and said he’d like to do something together. I was like “Yessss pleeeease!!!”

I went to their original store in London, met some more people and left with a really nice leather jacket that I’m in love with. We kept in touch and a few months later when I released the Shut Up EP they were like “We love ‘Attack’. Let’s do a video for that song together.” So we collaborated on a simple concept and I went back to London to do some shows and shoot the video. I’m really happy with it and honored that they would pair my music with their brand.

Is an LP in the works? Can you spill any news on what you’re currently working on?

A full length is close to being finished and I will spill it as soon as I can!!!




Interview and Photos by Angelo Kritikos

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