Angelina Jolie’s Face Isn’t Battered, But One Artist Says, ‘Question Your Reaction Anyway’

Our world is in a bit of trouble. Everywhere you look there’s war, shootings, climate change, violence, discrimination. What’s worse, is that the people who are supposed to be fixing these problems are usually the ones causing them. At least there are still artists, right? They’re still the people pushing boundaries, using their art to get people to take notice of what is happening in the world around them. Art today is not only getting people’s attention, but it is asking people to take action.

For example, artist and activist aleXsandro Palombo takes images of female celebrities’s faces and photoshops them to look like they have been beaten, he then turns them into posters and has it say ‘No woman is immune from domestic violence’ and below that ‘#stopviolenceagainstwomen.’ The point of the project portraying that domestic violence can happen to any woman at any time, regardless of class or social status. This has certainly gotten people’s attention as one would assume if you saw Angelina Jolie‘s face covered in bruises or Emma Watson with a bloody lip and gashes. He has also done a series of Disney princesses photoshopped to look like they were beaten as well.

Artists from all over the world are gathering in Paris to install their pieces around the city as a way to get the United Nations Climate Change Conference to take notice. Artist Pedro Marzorati will be installing his piece “Where the Tides Ebb and Flow” which consists of 30 sculptures of blue men submerged in Paris’ Montsouris Lake to create conversation on our world’s rising sea level.

Another artist well-known for his satirical comments on the state of our world is graffiti artist, Banksy. The nature of his identity is unknown, the idea being that anyone could be behind the artwork, any citizen of our world could be making these thought-provoking pieces. One of his most famous pieces is of a young girl hugging a bomb. A statement on our war-happy nation.

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