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Angela Pham Galore

Who: Angela Pham aka my BFF, downstairs neighbor (who remains saved in my phone as “Angela Apt 11” after 3+ years), a cast-member on Bravo TV’s infamous (see also: amazing) side-eye inducing show, Gallery Girls, photographer, model, “cook not chef!” (sure did just toss a RHONY reference at you), and fearless Fashion Week freak show.
What: A futuristic piece featuring several meow-tastic cut-outs designed by Chromat. Eyebrows by Satan.
Where: Backstage taking smize-ing selfies before modeling at yesterday afternoon’s Chromat presentation.

Angela Pham ChromatHi Phamgela. What are your Valentine’s Day plans? I have no one to weep with (besides my cat) and watch an American Horror Story marathon with…  I’m probably shooting some Fashion Week party or dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with a very handsome man.

Best V-Day Ever: I’m hoping for this year!

Worst V-Day Ever: When I was 15 and sooo boy crazy and just ended up getting all of these Valentine’s candy grams from girlfriends.

Favorite Online Store: Palm Beach Vintage

Favorite Twitter-er: @horse_ebooks or @diaperwolf

Last Tunes You Listened To: Slint’s album ‘Spiderland’ on Spotify.

Style in five words: Hard To Summarize So Succinctly.

And your experience on GALLERY GIRLS in five words: My first-page google result… FOREVER!!!!!

You would. OKAY, now for your fave LAMD (which, PS, is her favorite word which she tells herself she invented) aka “look-at-me device”: Nipples!

Angela Pham Galore

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