Angel Rutledge Models, And She Rolls A Perfect Burrito

Angel Rutledge may have spent the last year walking down runways for fashion giants like Proenza Schouler, Louis Vuitton and Versace, but this 20-year-old isn’t just your average model – she also knows how to roll the perfect burrito thanks to a brief stint working at your favorite Mexican restaurant Chipotle.

After graduating from high school in Valencia, California, Rutledge did what most of us do: she got a job working in food service.  For months our girl spent her days “literally hugging hundreds of pounds of corn,” but unlike most of us, her day job led directly to her dream job.

As Rutledge told Vogue Magazine, a few months after she had been working at Chipotle, “this guy comes in, in shorts and a tank top, total surfer, and took a look at me.  I was like, ‘Hey, how are you doing? What can I get you?’ He told me to talk to him around the corner and asked if I ever thought about modeling. He just wrote his number down on the paper. It was kind of weird, but he knew what he was doing and seemed legit.”


As it turned out that “total surfer” was photographer David Mushegain and two weeks later Rutledge was on a plane to New York about to get signed to The Lions agency in New York City.  But even though her days at Chipotle are over forever, at least she took the most important thing with her: jobs come and go, but burritos are forever.


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