Angel Haze Dishes On MTV’s New Show “Truce”

Rapper and hip hop artist extraordinaire Angel Haze has always been a lover, so it makes sense that they host the new MTV reality show, Truce. Truce is kind of like Catfish, except it’s about repairing broken relationships with friends and loved ones. Galore sat down with Angel and got the scoop on forgiveness, fixing the unfixable, and the best part about making the show! See it all below and tune in to watch Truce tonight on MTV!


Why are you inspired to fix the unfixable?

To be honest, I don’t think that there is anything that is unfixable. I think all people need is a little push away from their resistance and they’ll come to a lot of conclusions they already had inside of them. I am inspired by showing people that they actually can be different and that there is something good inside of everyone.

What do you think is the key to coming to a resolve or making a truce?

The key to making a truce is having two very emotionally vulnerable and available human beings who actually seek resolve.

Do you think there is such thing as unforgivable?

I think that lots of things are unforgivable, but they aren’t inexcusable. Even if you can’t forgive, you can basically get past everything.

Do you live by any rules when it comes to forgiving family?

I live on the edge. I am constantly on the edge of forgiveness, on the edge of not forgiving… just trying to live my life in a way where I always remember love first, if that makes any sense.

What’s the best part about filming Truce for you?

The best part was the actual resolve that that made me feel the best.

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