Angel Brinks Makes Clothes For All The Hotties

What makes a girl even hotter than her own good looks? When all the other baddies wear her clothing designs! Perhaps we call her the mother of hotties, or maybe we just stick with Angel Brinks, but either way, she is f***ing cool! We got to talk all about desires and style mantras with Angel. Enjoy, my friends and see how this lady found her way to success!

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Photo By Patrick Mckenzie

How did you get your start as a designer? When did you know you “made it” in the industry?

I grew up in the performing arts where flashy stage wear always caught my eye. I loved making unique pieces for myself to wear, and in a matter of no time, my designs/style became a rapid demand at a time where there was no supply. I immediately launched my clothing line, and instead of giving a cute, fun name, I named it after myself. I wore all my designs out. and attended several events where countless times I got asked where I got my outfit from (by both females and males). Then I started getting messages through Facebook, how can they buy type questions. Before I knew it, I was making clothes for a lot of girls, and knew it was time to launch a website and make a business out of it. Once I started hearing from celebrities interested in something I had or something they had in mind for me to make, it was only a matter of time before the whole world would find out about me.

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words.

Creative, Smart & Caring.

Who was the most fun celeb to work with?

All the celebrities I’ve worked for have been very pleasant. But the most fun, I’d have to say, was with Ashanti. She’s always giggling and laughing, and overall a happy person. She also adores my son, so she’s invited us to her shows and we always have fun supporting her.

Where do you get inspiration when designing clothes? Where does hip hop find it’s place in that?

My inspirations comes from clothing I desire. For example, I have several meetings weekly. Every time I think to myself, “well it would have been nice if I had this kind of skirt, or shirt, etc.” I do the same with parties and events. Except unlike the normal person, this happens to me daily. And I just start designing right away. I get inspired by some designers as well.

What trends do you foresee for Spring?

Shirt dresses, double high slits, various textured solid colors and patterns also, very flowy mesh dresses, and fringes.

Tell us about your make up collab with Dirty Debutante. What’s your fave lipstick or gloss from the collection?

Much like my clothing, I was getting an overwhelming response on what brand of lip colors I would have on. It was only a matter of time, lipstick manufactures and companies were going to catch on. I wanted to only have colors that I would wear. I couldn’t promote colors I myself would never wear. I was very hands on with the design of the lip glosses. I wanted to have the crystal rhinestones on the caps to give it my touch. It didn’t take to long to come up with these beautiful collection that is already sold out.

What’s this we hear about Angel Brinks taking over our TVs?

I’ve always liked the lime light. From being in the performing arts, you want to show your talent. Now it’s for a different reason. I feel like a lot of people would have more of an understanding of who I am if given the opportunity to show it. There’s so much to me and I feel that people can connect with and relate past what they see on my exterior. I want to motivate and inspire people to work for their dreams, and that even when you can’t see the light at the end of tunnel, I’m living proof you can. 

What can we expect next from Angel Brinks?

I am working on the perfect scent for my very own perfume. I always wear perfume. It’s a daily thing for me. I’m excited about this, I’ve been working on the scent for a year now. I’m also working on toddler girl leggings. I’m excited about this project because I’m such a girly girl at heart, and all mothers out there love to dress up their little girls, and I’m ready to bring it!

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