Andrew McMahon New Album ‘In The Wilderness’

Finding out that Andrew McMahon is releasing a new album, reminded me of the feeling when you find out that your ex-lover is coming back to town. You’ve never stopped thinking about him, but you’re scared he won’t be as good as you remember when he finally returns. (In case you needed a refresher, McMahon was the frontman for Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate in the early 2000s)


Listening to In The Wilderness continued that metaphor. Ah, that voice is familiar, and so is that piano. Something is a little different, it’s not as familiar as our old favorites, but it is immediately growing on us to become new favorites.


On his blog, McMahon writes to the fans, “you have seen me through many transitions. From a misunderstood pop band in a punk world, to a man in transit sent spinning through illness and recovery. We’ve seen each other through a lot. We met me in the pop underground, I hope to see you in the wilderness.”

Oh Andrew, we couldn’t be happier to see you in the wilderness. You are a million times better than actually reuniting with our ex-boyfriends.

Our Favorites: “High Dive” and “Black and White Movies”

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