Anastasia Ashley Is Making Waves With More Than Just Her Surfboard

Professional surfer, and let’s face it, professional babe Anastasia Ashley features as one of Head Bombshells in Charge in our latest issue. Read all about her awesome surfing life below!


Photography by Jacob Dekat
Creative direction by Prince Chenoa

What made you want to get into surfing?
I got into surfing because I was living in Hawaii and it just made sense. To me growing up I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I was always athletic but naturally picked up surfing really easily.

Favorite surf brand at the moment:

Sex on the beach?
It seems like a way better idea than it actually is, there’s logistics that make it really difficulty to say the least.

What are 5 tips every girl should know about surfing?
1. It’s about having fun, surfing is more of a lifestyle than a sport.
2. Sunblock is a must, you don’t want to be getting wrinkles early.
3. Don’t be discouraged to try, its one of the hardest sports to learn.
4. It’s all about looking good in and out of the water, so make sure you have a cute bikini or wetsuit and that it’s fitted right. The last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction.
5. Start on a bigger longer surfboard, it’s alot easier to learn to surf on a bigger board.

Have you ever tried the “surfboard” technique like Jay Z and Beyonce?
Of course, I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have come up to me singing lyrics from that song. It’s almost annoying. Shout out to Bey for making “Surfboard, surfboard” one of the most popular phrases of the year.


Favorite swim brand at the moment:
Tyler Rose swim

How was it shooting with Sports Illustrated?
Amazing! Darcie Baum, MJ Dday, Janine Berey, and Alyssa Conroy are some of the funnest people to work with.
It was so fun, I shot in Guana island in the British Virgin Islands which was one of the most scenic places I’ve ever been. Adam Franzino (the photographer) was great to work with and really brought out some of the sexiest and favorite pictures of me.

Surfer boys are the hottest, how do you control your self around those hot wet bods?
They are hot. I’ve become a bit desensitized from being around most of the surfer guys my whole life and
being great friends with them. The other day I stepped back and looked around and thought to myself WOW surfers have the best bodies, so I’m not surprised they get the hottest chicks.

Top four hangout spots in the OC:
-The beach in San Clemente
-Fisherman’s bar in San Clemente
-Wild goose tavern in Costa Mesa
-My house, I always DJ the best music, but my neighbors hate me.

The best beach to catch waves:
I personally love surfing in my hometown in San Clemente, but also travel wise Bali has one of most beautiful beaches and waves I’ve ever seen.


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