Amy Schumer Gets Sexy With C3PO, Pisses Disney Off In The Process

Part of a comedian’s job description entails pushing buttons, and that’s exactly what Amy Schumer found herself doing this weekend after a sexy Star Wars-themed photo shoot she did for GQ didn’t go over so well with the good people at LucasFilm and their parent company (emphasis on parent) Disney.


Acting like the disgruntled, conservative Dad it is, Disney was shocked and appalled that its beloved, virginal children were photographed canoodling with the bad bitch of comedy and told everybody who would listen just how much they disapproved.



Given the amount of dick jokes and sexual references that can be found in Disney’s early masterpieces, you’d think they’d be able to take a joke, but apparently they’re too old to have a sense of humor anymore.

But don’t worry, before you get worried about Princess Lea’s enduring legacy, Disney and LucasFilms still think it’s 100% chill if you want to keep sexualizing Princess Lea, because, let’s be real, women have less right to their dignity than a bunch of fictional, male robots.


If you wear a metal bikini outside of the house, you’re asking for it anyway.

Schumer has yet to respond to the studio’s comments because she’s a grown woman and she doesn’t care what your Dad thinks of her.  Let that be a lesson to us all.


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