Amy Schumer Just Shut Down Everyone Who Called That Nude Photo ‘Brave’

Looking fire in a Calvin Klein Collection dress, Amy Schumer was honored at the Critics’ Choice Awards last night and she spoke up about something that’s apparently been annoying her.

Back in November, Schumer was shot by legendary photog Annie Liebovitz for the annual Pirelli calendar. She was basically nude in the photo, which showed her making a boss-ass-b*tch face as she prepared to sip some tea.

Well, last night Schumer decided to spill the tea. She let slip that being called “brave” after the photo went viral wasn’t as flattering as every news website on the planet apparently thought it would be.

She started by gesturing to her stomach and noting, “When you have this area right here, you have to write your own stuff if you want to get it made.”

Then, she continued.

“This is where I get really brave, as everyone said after my Annie Leibovitz photo went viral,” she said, then added sarcastically, “That’s what you want everyone to say when a photo of you goes viral. You want them to say, ‘What a brave photo.’ Thanks, wow.”

She’s totally right — there’s nothing inherently brave about appearing almost-naked in a famous calendar shot by one of the best living photographers. In fact, it sounds fun. And no one has ever called Adriana Lima or Alessandra Ambrosio brave for doing the same thing.

And that’s what makes it condescending to put Schumer’s photo on a pedestal. If your instinct when you see a fuller-figured woman behaving like a lingerie model is to draft a tweet or Facebook status praising her for not being ashamed of herself, think about why you thought she should be ashamed in the first place.

Check out Schumer’s full speech, which also includes some statements about gun control, below.

[H/T The Daily Mail]

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