Lingerie Designer Amme B Dishes on Beauty Tips & Her Vegan Diet

With so many amazing places to buy unique lingerie these days, Victoria’s Secret is almost a thing of the past. One such place is Amme B’s online shop. Amme designs and creates lingerie all from her own home, completing custom orders as well. If you’re wondering who’s the beauty modeling all the lingerie, it’s Amme herself! We spoke with the designer about her vegan lifestyle, how she keeps her hair looking so great, and of course- lingerie!


How did you get started with designing and selling lingerie?

About two years ago I just had this crazy motivation to make myself a pair of vintage inspired high waist panties. I drafted a couple of patterns and whipped up my first ever handmade pair of undies. From there on I just kind of ran with the whole lingerie thing! I never wanted to get into lingerie, it just sort of happened! I realized that other people were interested in my handmade and embellished creations, so I opened up a second shop that focused on lingerie (my first shop focused on handmade accessories like bows and headbands). Luckily I had enough experience working with online selling that I was able to eventually fully focus on my lingerie shop! It’s been a long road with a lot of unexpected turns but I’m quite happy with where it has taken me and my business!

Where did you learn to sew?

When I was in elementary school I went to the Boys and Girls club after school because my mom worked late, that’s where I took my first basic sewing classes with my sister. From then I would get in and out of sewing fazes. My mom always allowed me to have needles, threads,fabric, and buttons from a young age which is why I think I became so comfortable with the idea of sewing things and the technical aspects of how sewing really works. I remember being very young and watching my favorite Disney movie, Cinderella. She was such an inspiration for me to start sewing and crafting girly things. She was my ultimate idol, with all of her animal friends helping her, letting nothing get in her way! I sewed a lot in high school starting around junior year, too many tube tops and pillows (they were pretty basic and easy for me to make). When it was time to pick what college I wanted to attend I had my heart set on FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) so I applied my junior year of high school and was accepted. While attending FIDM I took several sewing and pattern making classes that really helped me build my skills and sewing abilities. That’s how I learned how to make patterns. It was a lot of hard work but I loved it, and I’m so grateful for my years spent there. I have been building my sewing skills to this day, I still have a lot to learn but I’ve come a long way, it has been a very rewarding journey.


What’s one thing that every girl needs in her lingerie collection?

In my opinion, every girl needs a comfy unpadded bralette! One that can be worn around the house or out and about. Bralettes just make me feel so feminine and delicate, I love how versatile they are! I also think every girl should own a vintage nightie, they just don’t make them like they used to! I love waking up and doing my household chores and sewing while wearing one, they really get me in the creative mood to design!

We see that you made your boyfriend a quite clever V-day card (pictured below), what’s your secret to keeping some spice in a relationship?

I’m not sure I have a secret! I just try to be cute and thoughtful when I can be. I like doing sweet little things for Shawn whenever I can think something up. Most of the time it comes off silly and dorky rather than romantic and special, but I’d like to think he prefers that anyway. People might think I’m some little vixen because I post pictures in lingerie all the time for my shop, but really I’m a total goof in my personal life!


What’s your take on single girls who have a bunch of lingerie and no one to show it to?

Best question of the century! Who cares! Lingerie is 200% for yourself! I think most girls buy lingerie to make themselves feel special. It’s a luxury and a great way to give yourself a confidence boost! No girl needs a man’s approval, especially when it comes to lingerie! Do what makes you feel good, that’s what it’s all about!

What’s your secret to keeping your hair looking so perfect? Are there any products you recommend for protecting your hair from harmful dyes?

My biggest secret is time. Don’t over process your hair (especially if you are lightening it like I do). I’ve seen too many girls fry their hair because they aren’t patient enough to allow time in between processings. Another secret, I don’t wash my hair every day. On average I wash it every 3-4 days. I notice my hair doesn’t dry out as much when I allow my natural oils to stay on my hair longer.

It seems you’ve taken quite a few trips to Disneyland, what keeps you going back?

Oh Disneyland, the most nostalgic place on earth for me! I’ve been going ever since I was too young to even walk. I have such great memories there with my dad and my mom, and over the years many of my friends. Disneyland makes me feel so cozy and happy. When I was in school it was one of the only places I could go to clear my head (besides the ocean). I will forever love it and be able to go endless times without getting sick of it like most people would. Blame it on the nostalgia I’d say. It really is my happy place!


How long have you been eating vegan? Was there a certain reason that you began eating that way?

I have been eating and living a vegan lifestyle for almost two years now. Before that I was vegetarian for 2 or 3 years. I simply cannot be morally okay with allowing myself to support the factory farm industry and the cruelty to animals which takes place on a daily basis due to our endlessly growing consumer diets and “needs”. I have always loved animals, and I realized that I could never be happy with myself hiding from the truths about animal welfare in the food and fashion industries. I urge anyone who has ever had even the slightest doubt in their dietary choices to just simply do the research and challenge yourself to find the truth. Over the last few years I’ve realized that ignorance is in fact bliss, but once you expose yourself to facts, you will feel free of social pressure and expectations. I have never been happier with myself and my dietary choices, not to mention I feel physically better.

How else is it that you maintain such a banging body?

Well being vegan is the biggest savior to my health, but besides that I’d say I know how to take an alright picture of myself! I’m not really “fit”, I don’t work out at all actually. I used to run pretty often but I always end up getting lazy with that…don’t we all? I do eat quite a lot of kale and bananas so maybe that’s helping a bit! My boyfriend and I have however decided to start working out together! Hopefully we stick with it, but I’m sure it will be a struggle for me. I wish I had a better answer, but I’m not as physically toned and fit as you might think! Thank goodness for pretty camera filters, right?

What are some beauty products you can’t live without?

The only thing I feel totally comfortable recommending is LUSH products! I’m utterly obsessed with them! So yummy smelling and all cruelty free! I’m still trying to find a good make up line that doesn’t test on animals & is vegan friendly. I’ve had some heartbreak learning about companies I used to trust starting to test on animals and being sneaky. I’m always trying new things!


What would you be doing if you weren’t managing your own shop?

I would most likely be in a product development position in the fashion industry. Merchandise product development was my first major at FIDM, and then I went back to receive my bachelors in business management. I’ve been trying to avoid working for a corporate company simply because it feels so good to do my own thing! I couldn’t imagine doing anything different right now. It’s so motivating to be a business owner! I’d highly recommend trying it out! It’s never been easier to start up your own online shop!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Junk food and online shopping. Particularly vegan buffalo wings and french fries. I could live on french fries, it terrifies me!

You just moved to Denver with your boyfriend, was it hard to say goodbye to California?

It was hard, but I was too excited to try out a new place to let it get in the way. I never want to be too scared to push myself out of my comfort zone. I miss my friends, family, and knowing my way around, but I’m really excited to find new adventures here! Plus, moving with Shawn and being able to take my dog Norman with me made it much easier.


What’s in store for you in the future?

Well I guess it just depends which direction I want to go! I have been constantly trying to grow my business to be bigger and better without sacrificing quality and the personal touches of a small business. I hope that within the next year I can manage to get a business plan put together, and possibly a lingerie line that I can try to make available to a larger market. It will take a lot of work and leaps of faith but I’m confident that I won’t let anything get in my way. I’ve worked too hard already to give up on my shop and my dreams of expanding my business!

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