AMIAYA // あみあや: Music is Best Served by Twins from Tokyo

Japanese music duo, Amiaya, consists of the sister Ami & Aya and they are to die for. Super awesome style and taking the Japanese music scene by storm. Check out their interview before!



Photography by Maya Kibbel

Of all the many hats you wear (your many jobs in the fashion world, including your own brand & also being a singer), which job is your favorite?
Ami: I love fashion and music, so I can’t even choose one!
Aya: Speaking for both of us, we can’t live without fashion and music! I just really love anything creative.

Who’s the wilder one?
Ami: I wonder who is….? I think I’m the wilder one. LOL
Aya: You can’t really judge just by how we look, but I’d say we’re both quite wild!


What are your top 3 favorite Japanese brands?
Ami: Of course one is the brand that I produce with my sister, Jouetie. Also Toga and GVGV.
Aya: Jouetie (my brand), G.V.G.V. and Toga

You’ve dyed your hair practically every color! Which color was your favorite?
Ami: PINK!! With purple ombre!! AKA my current hair color!
Aya: Colorful ombre! With my super long hair!


Can you recommend us some good Japanese music?
Ami: Please listen to our music (AMIAYA)! ♡
Aya: AMIAYA’s music! LOL. I love Japanese rock, especially CreapHyp and Sakanaction.

What’s the craziest photo/video shoot you’ve done so far?
Ami: The music video shoot for our song “Play That Music”! We shot it with stickers all over our body. Please watch it! ♡
Aya: This Galore shoot! I had so much fun! I also loved the music video shoot for our song, “Play That Music”! It’s my favorite music video!


What’s the biggest difference between the two of you?
Ami: We have completely different personalities!!
Aya: Our taste in men! LOL.

Can you give the reader’s a shout out?
Ami: Please keep an eye out for the fashion and music that we want everyone to know about! Also, I hope to spread TOKYOPOP all over the world!
Aya: I’m thrilled that I could take part in this shoot! It’d be awesome if more people become interested in AMIAYA, Tokyo fashion and Japanese culture through this spread!


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