America’s Next Top Model Is Coming Back

It looks like our prayers have been answered because after four months of rocking back and forth while saying rosaries, “America’s Next Top Model” is back.

Before we get into the deets, here are some celebratory ANTM gifs.

Okay. So. We thought the show was canceled after Tyra Banks announced as much back in October. But now, Variety has announced that ANTM is officially coming back.

The show will now be airing on VH1 instead of the CW or its first home, UPN. Translation: it’s probably going to be more ratchet than ever.

Now let’s get to the bad news. Tyra’s not hosting anymore. In fact, the entire panel of hosts is going to be new, Variety reports. That means no more Miss Jai, no more Janice Dickinson, and no more Nigel Barker.

Still, we’re beyond stoked that everyone’s favorite faux-high-fashion competition show is back to exploit even more wannabe models whose names we will forget three minutes after the season finale ends. When it comes to ANTM, the elephant in the room is that it’s a hot mess that has nothing to do with the actual fashion world. Let’s hope VH1 continues that beautiful legacy.

Still, let’s pour one out for Tyra and co. We’ll miss you bb’s.

Tyra bb,we will miss you forever.

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