American Music Awards: The Weird, The Wonderful and The WTF?!

The American Music Awards are usually a bit more low key than the VMAs and a but less scripted than the Grammys but this year, it seems that every artist in attendance was bringing their A Game. Seriously, we even found ourselves grinning at the most questionable moments of the night. This hasn’t been the best year for music overall, with the biggest moment of the year probably being Taylor Swift’s resurrection as the new princess of pop, but, if this year’s AMAs was any indication, it may just be the best year yet for weird, wonderful and WTF performances.

Weird and Wonderful: Taylor Swift
Galore Mag - Taylor Swift - American Music Awards
Taylor Swift has embraced her crazy side and we could not be happier. The 24 year old has gone from the ringlet headed romantic to a flower burning man eater dressed in a kick ass fringed gold mini and it appears that she is loving it as much as we are. As she flashed manic grins at the audience and made her male backup dancers cower in fear we were all sitting at home cackling right along with her.

Wonderful… With Just A Hint Of Weird: Selena Gomez
Galore Mag - Selena Gomez - American Music Awards
Selena’s heartbreak ballad may have been good enough to make Taylor Swift shed a tear (what doesn’t?), but what we loved about it were those psychedelic visuals in the background. Seriously, whoever was in charge of art direction for her performance deserves an award of their own. Shadowy silhouettes and snaps of an eyeliner caked eyeball? Embrace the weird Selena.

WONDERFUL (Because she is weird): Lorde
Galore Mag - Lorde - American Music Awards
Lorde took the stage and writhed, entirely with no inhibitions, to her single “Yellow Flicker Beat”, and as if a creepy, whirling Lorde weren’t enough, she ended the number by purposely smearing her dark purple lipstick. Bow down mortals.

Just Plain Wonderful: Jamie Foxx (Ft. his daughter Annalise)
Galore Mag - Jamie Foxx - American Music Awards
Who even cares what award he was presenting, did you see how cute his baby daughter was??

Wonderful: CharliXCX
Galore Mag - Charlie XCX - American Music Awards
Emerging in a flame encrusted leather bustier, heavy black eye makeup and the kind of attitude that we can only hope to embody, Charli took the stage with a rendition of “Boom Clap”, “Break The Rules” and perfectly gothic prom themed set. Wherever Charli went to school? That’s where we wish that we had gone.

WTF: Frankie Grande
Galore Mag - Frankie Grande - American Music Awards
The picture says it all.

WTF: 5 Seconds of Summer
Galore Mag - Seconds of Summer - American Music Awards
Not sure it was necessary to have this underage boy band completely destroy The Romantics classic “What I Like About You” but hindsight is 20/20 I suppose.

Wonderful: Sam Smith
Galore Mag - Sam Smith - American Music Awards
I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Wonderful: Fergie
Galore Mag - Fergie - American Music Awards
The Queen has returned.

Wonderful: Diana Ross
Galore Mag - Diana Ross - American Music Awards
Diana Ross presenting a Dick Clarke award for excellence to Taylor Swift (who actually deserved it this year)? Icons upon icons upon icons…

WTF: Pitbull
Galore Mag - Pitbull - American Music Awards
We don’t like him when he’s performing and we don’t like him when he’s hosting so maybe it’s time to just let sleeping dogs lie.

Wonderful: Booty
Galore Mag - Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea - American Music Awards
It has been the year of the booty, so ending the night with a classic performance by J-Lo showing off the booty that truly started it all was the ideal finale performance.

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