Amber Rose Has A Confession About Harry Styles, “He Gets Me So Wet”

Amber Rose is a bad bitch who’s known for speaking her mind when it comes to all things sex-related.  While I’ve always respected her ability to twerk in a wedding dress and do things like re-claim the word slut, today my admiration turned into love. 

Last night Amber Rose graced E!s Fashion Police to review the good, the bad and the ugliest fashion on display at the 2015 American Music Awards.  Because apparently using their words is too 2014, Amber and Giuliana Rancic decided to play a game called “Spit It Out” which involved drawing the first thing that came to your mind when you looked at an outfit.  Obviously, Harry Styles and his floral suit came up, but what both women had to say about it was anything but obvious:


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“I drew lips with a tongue because that’s what I want to do to him,” said Giuliana.  “He is the hottest young guy in Hollywood right now, hands down.”  While Amber Rose echoed the sentiment, she phrased it exactly the way that I would:  

“I drew a water bottle because he gets me so wet,” said Amber, before adding, “Super hot, love him.”


Out of all the things that Amber Rose and I have in common, I’m glad the fact that Harry Styles can get it is one of them.  Watch it all unfold below, and get ready to fall even further in love with Amber Rose:

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