Amber Mark Makes Rage Look Chic in Her New Music Video

Whether you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, a break-up, or your favorite lipstick — the grieving process can involve a lot of anger mixed in with the sadness.

Up and coming artist Amber Mark, who lost her mother in 2013, released a track called “Lose My Cool” which tackles the stage of mourning that involves anger.

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But the crazy thing about the song? It’s got a pretty upbeat and positive sound. It’s only when you listen to the lyrics and know the meaning behind them that you may realize it’s about life and death.

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To accompany the song, Amber released a video that brings the whole message full circle. It involves an intimate look at Amber spending time in bed, clearing her head, and knocking over a tower of Prosecco.

Check it out below:

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