Alysha Nett Believes The Body Should Be Celebrated

Alysha Nett is a stylist and a badass model, but her connection to clothing is much more ‘Inception’ than that of the everyday girl. Modeling may be her day job, but her passion for creation has lead her to create sickly soft tee shirts featuring her own self portraits. Hey, girl’s got a message to get across and tees are a great megaphone. The tees are cute af, but upon seeing our new style favorite we had to ask: how does it feel seeing random people wearing pictures of your face in public? Is it like how Kanye feels when he sees people rocking Yeezus tees? But our convo with Alysha went a lot deeper than that. She revealed why the body is the most celebrated art form, and what the deal is with Insta-art. Soak it all in.


What made you want to put your pictures on hoodies and tee shirts? Do you ever wear them yourself? 

It’s my desire to create things. I get all these ideas in my head and feel like I have to project them somewhere. I’d like to evolve away from using shirts with myself on them to do that. For now, it’s a way to bring an idea to life. If someone likes it and wants to buy it, cool. In the end I’m just happy we made an idea come to life.

Did you ever have any reservations about exposing your body on clothing?

As long as I’m producing good quality images that I can be proud of, then there is no reservation whatsoever.

Is it weird to think there are random people you’ve never met wearing your face/butt across their chests? Have you ever seen a stranger wearing a picture of you?

Not at all– my goal is to create shirts that strangers would see and want to wear. I love when I see strangers at concerts, events, wearing my shirts. Brings the biggest smile to my face.

Whose face would you be willing to rep on a tee shirt?

Any bad ass babe that is working her tail off deserves to be celebrated! Hopefully soon we’ll be rolling out shirts with pretty ladies for everyone to admire.

You are a photographer. Do you take the photos on your shirts yourself?

I’m barely a photographer. Just sort of picked that up again recently. But thank you! No, I don’t take the photos for my shirts. I like to collaborate with photographers and friends on these projects. The latest ones that are available were shot by my friend Evy Optics (@evyoptics).

What is the difference between a self portrait and a selfie?

In this day a age I’m not sure there is much of a difference between self portraits and selfies, to be honest. A lot of work goes in to a perfect selfie these days! I feel like as long as you are portraying whatever mood or idea it is that you were hoping to get across then you’re golden.

Which is more important in your photographs, your face or your body?

That’s a hard question. For me personally I think my body is more important. While facial expressions are always the perfect exclamation mark to a good photo, the lines you create with your body dictate if the photo works or not.

What message are you trying to convey through your body and facial language?

I try to keep my images diverse but within the range of girl-next-door meets temptress. In that way I hope to reach all types of women and show them that you can love yourself in your own skin and embrace the traits that make everyone unique.

What is the place of the body in the media and in art?

Everyone loves the female form. It is a powerful vessel whether it’s viewed as beautiful or shocking it is sure to garner attention. I feel the body is most celebrated art in the world.



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