Altuzarra For Target: Workplace Meets Sexy

The Altuzarra for Target collection can be described in three totally dissimilar words: Gothic. Workplace. Sexy.


And thank god because oftentimes when designers attempt to create a line for the more low street settings, their aesthetic can tend toward the more matronly, more mainstream or (lord forbid!) costume-like.


Fortunately for us, the Altuzarra collection is none of the above! “It was very important to me that it feel very genuine and authentic — very ‘Altuzarra,'” the designer said at a preview of his Target collection on Wednesday night. “I used my considerable charms to get the slit skirt to not be less slit,” he said. “There’s a sensuality and seductiveness. In the past, Target collections have been younger, a bit more girly and very happy, and in our case, we wanted it to be sophisticated — a bit more grown up.”


And they are certainly grown up. Tailored to fit the figure like a second skin, the designs tend toward richer patterns such as snakeskin and velvet like fabric creating a renaissance style sex appeal that can be worn to the work place or for after work cocktail hour.


“We are interested in a seductive, sexy woman,” he said. “She’s unapologetic and in a lot of ways, and likes to feel desired.” We are absolutely desiring every single one of these pieces. The best part? The line ranges between the prices of 18-90$ so this is a lust object we can afford.








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