25% of Girls Are No Longer Shaving Their Pits

Being a hairless human is so 2010.

As anyone on social media has probably noticed, more and more girls are YOLO-ing and saying “boy, bye” to their razor – or at least to using their razor on certain areas.

The main spot to stop Bic-ing? The armpits.

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After all, you can really go all winter without baring your pits if you play your wardrobe right, and Miley’s old persona made hairy pits part of her brand – which makes us wonder if new Miley will start going bare again, but that’s another story.

Regardless, she’s not alone. A new study found that almost one in four of Gen Z ladies have stopped shaving their armpits.

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Back in 2013, 95% of women ages 16-24 reported shaving their armpits. The study conducted in 2016 found that only 77% of women reported shaving their armpits.

It’s not just our underarms either. The study also found a drop in the amount of women who shave their legs – from 92% to 85% – in the same three year period.

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One of the researchers behind the study thinks the decrease in women shaving has to do with the fact that they no longer want to use harsh chemical products such as shaving cream, but we don’t really think this is it.

We think it has more to do with the fact that every celeb was as hairless as a naked mole rat in the early 2000s, and now more are baring their body hair. Plus, more and more women – especially big internet personalities – are saying “F U” to beauty standards that seem to have been created to make men happy.

Or, maybe we’re all just too damn busy saving the world to shave?

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