All Guys Are The Same

We say it all the time over and over again, and if we don’t, our friends do, our favorite TV show does, and our mother does. “All boys are the same.” This may be followed with “they only want one thing” or “they’re scared of commitment” or whatever your little heart is dealing with because of a certain boy.


But are all boys really the same? I can’t say I’ve ever been one to believe to this theory. I always thought “maybe you need to stop going for the same type of guys” or, better yet, “nobody told you to try them all.” However, I have dealt with some pretty shitty guys in my day: guys who are all in and randomly freak out for no reason six months later, guys who pretend they don’t have a girlfriend, and guys who get upset if they don’t get laid on the first date. However, I’ve dealt with some guys who have proved me wrong about all the stereotypes and completely been the opposite of what I expected.


Let’s tackle the basics: a lot of guys do want sex ultimately. Just like a lot of girls probably want “love” ultimately. But what happens in between point A and point B totally depends on the person and the situation. A guy can be hitting on a girl because he likes her tits, but actually end up liking her personality and eventually dating her. Likewise, a girl can be desperately searching for a boyfriend, but end up finding a pretty good f*** buddy while she waits for Prince Charming.

A guy is likely not going to want a relationship without sex (and neither would I), just like a girl isn’t going to want a relationship without “love” or at least some type of emotional declaration (or at least him making her his #wcw).


While sex may be the “bad guy” as opposed to the lofty idea of “love.” I don’t think that’s really fair. Just because guys have done bad things when tempted by sex, doesn’t mean girls don’t do some questionable things in their devotion to someone or desperation to be wifed. I scold my guy friends for f***ing multiple girls at once, but I get equally pissed off when my girl friends drop everything (including their friends, AHEM) for some guy they’ve just started dating.


Are all guys really the same? Are all girls the same too?  I’m not saying your man is justified in his decision to f*** some random bitch with shitty highlights this weekend, but dudes like sex, and sometimes it clouds the judgement of even the best-hearted dudes. Likewise, just because a girl doesn’t want to hop into bed with a guy after a first date, doesn’t mean she’s not a freak who will be the best he’s ever had after she’s comfortable sleeping with him.


They say not to judge a book by its cover (and usually I do anyways), but save yourself the sexism and don’t generalize an entire gender. Guys may be skeezy, flaky, dirty, and never know what they want- but they’re certainly not all the same.

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