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I met Mia Moretti a few summers ago at the Eldridge (RIP) and by “met” I mean I got the liquid courage to approach the bombshell. And by “approach” I mean bouncing toward her like an aggressive rabbit whilst shouting/squeaking over whatever hip-hop remix was blasting to ask her if anyone had ever told her she looked like Chloe Sevigny. “But younger and way prettier, of course,” I added. My inebriated charm (and honesty!) worked and we’ve been BFFs ever since. I’m such a proud stage mama for my girl. Like, who hasn’t she DJed for? Let’s discuss: Moretti is Prabal Gurung‘s go-to (Prabal Gurung-clad) spinning-machine, and, PS, she’ll be providing the tunes tonight at Gurung’s Target collab launch. She’s also BFF with Katy Perry, which is NBD at all or anything, and has created some killer Billboard-charting remixes for the pop star with a penchant for what I’ll go ahead and call cupcake couture. No shade, KP, but Moretti’s sartorial star shines bright like Swarovski diamonds, and that’s blindingly bright, honey. I may or may not have cried fashion tears on multiple occasions due to Moretti’s perpetually daring numbers that only she could make work. For example, she’s not afraid of a zany pattern, a freshly cut bouquet of flowers as a statement hair piece, and some major ’90s platforms. I’m sooo excited to tune in to VH1 every week just to drool over what Moretti’s rocking for her latest gig as a judge on an upcoming discover-the-next-superstar-DJ-ish show. And now a recap: Moretti’s an amazing DJ and an amazing dresser and lives for the gays and boasts that cheeky pre-Brit accent Madonna sass which I live for… and the list could and probs would go-on-and-on but I’m gonna stop right here because I need to get ready for that Prabal x Target bash so I can faint into the DJ booth over whatever amazingness Moretti is werking. Anyway, I’ll let y’all fall head-over-platforms for Moretti after you read her highly entertaining Q&A below.

Hey gorgeous. So, I’m gonna assume you’re insanely busy this week slash the entire Fashion Month. What’s on your NYFW agenda? Im DJing Prabal’s launch party for his Target collection, which I’m SO SO excited about. Not only is the party going to be insanity — because the boy knows how to have a good time — but the collection is amazing. Last season I showed my capsule collection with Pencey, so this season I’m excited to be back on the other side and just enjoying some shows. But of course I’ll got to the Blonds because it’s the best, and then maybe Tommy Hilfiger, DVF, Prabal, Lisa Perry, Alice & Olivia, MM6, Karen Walker and whatever else I have time for!

Damn girl! More importantly, what are the top 5 designer look-at-me-devices you’ll be rocking this week? Oh jeez, only 5? Okay, Marni, Prabal, Rochas, Acne, Fendi.

Moving on… What are the ups of being a Pisces? My head’s in the clouds.

And the downs? My head’s in the clouds.

What is your spirit animal? A pink flamingo.

How fitting! What would your wedding song be? My boyfriend would probably make us dance to Bruce Springsteen, but I’m more of a Patti Smith girl. Maybe we’d compromise on “Because The Night” since they wrote it together.

What a thoughtful girlfriend! Sticking to the <3 subject: what are your Valentine’s Day plans? You can probably take an educated guess…

MEOW! Do you have a celeb crush? I won’t tell your BF. I promise. I’m not that celeb obsessed. Probably someone from the 90s who’s in heaven, like Tupac or Biggie.

Immaculate taste, girl. Favorite Twitter Account: People still use Twitter?

Touche! Favorite Instagram Account: Galore!

Fantastic choice. Favorite place in the world for amazing street style: Harajuku, duh. Oh, and Paris too I suppose. Depends on what you’re going for.

Favorite model of all time: Kate!

Favorite song to play with your partner-in-crime/electric violinist, Caitlin Moe: Our new single that doesn’t have a name yet, sorry!

Apology accepted. First CD you owned: Mariah, honey. Mariah.

Good girl. Last iTune’s Download: “RIP” by Rita Ora, LOL. It was for a mix I made for a synchronized swimming team!

Last Great Meal: La Sandwicherie. I just left Miami filming a show and they ordered it for us on set at one in the morning the other night. The best late night snack in Miami though!

Back to fashion, duh. Fill in the blank. Every girl needs a ___ in her closet… Platform ’90s tranny shoe.

What is the sexiest item of clothing in your closet? My platform ’90s tranny shoe.

You go, girl. If you were asked to pump down a runway for a chic show, would you? Probably not. I wouldn’t want to stand next to those leggy skeletons.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’m not a psychic!

Mia Moretti by Rony Alwin

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