Alison Wonderland Is Bringing Girl Power Back To Dance Music

Anything boys can do girls can do better, and Alison Wonderland is living proof. But hey, it’s not all about competition. It’s about showing that women are kickass and can rock just as hard in the male-dominated electronic music world. And right now, we’re living in Alison’s world. After performing her first U.S. show to a packed Coachella tent and riding the wave of success from her debut record, Run; Alison told us all she really wants is a happily ever after.

Alison Wonderland - Adidas - Run - Galore Mag

Tell me about your new record? How does it feel now that you’ve birthed your first baby into the world?

I love how you said that, because I always say it that way as well. It feels like my child. It’s starting to feel more and more real now that I can see people singing along to the words on some of my tracks wherever I play shows at. That’s when it starts sinking into me. I hadn’t real played anything until Coachella, in America, and I wasn’t really sure if anyone would even come to my show or know who I was. I was having nightmares that I would turn up to my show and there would be ten people, my friends and family, and I would have to pretend I’m having a good time. Fortunately, when I did show up to Coachella, there was a full tent and people knew the words. It feels amazing and this is coming from an honest place. Putting it out there is scary because it’s natural for people to judge it.

That’s so crazy that your first U.S. show was at Coachella. What else did you do while there? Did you have time to get down to some Drizzy?!

Yeah, I had the best time. I just partied the whole time. Jamie XX is amazing. I went to the Bromance after party the Saturday of second weekend and Kanye jumped on stage and just started rapping. I just had a really good time too running around with my friends. I saw Mac DeMarco, Tyler the Creator, The Gaslamp Killer. I made the rounds, but I’m said I missed Jungle. I also missed Stromae and that’s who I really wanted to see!

Alison Wonderland - Adidas - Run - Galore Mag

Well since you partied the whole time, tell us how we can party like you! Like what’s a perfect night out?

Not planning it and just going where the night takes you. That’s the best way to have a great adventure. Also, not getting black out wasted. You have to remember the night. Every time I’ve ever planned an evening it’s never been as good as I wanted it to be. The evenings where I didn’t think about what was going to happen have been the best nights.

You’re killing it right now, but it’s still so crazy to me how male-dominated the electronic music world is. How can we bring some girl power back into the mix?

If I had that answer, I would be a genius. There are some amazing women killing it so just as along as they keep doing that and women are confident in themselves then I think the outlook is bright. I hope. Just never compromise yourself. I never compromised myself and I’m glad I didn’t.

If you could get “naked” with any one crush, who would it be?

The person I’m getting naked with already haha. To be honest with you, I’m pretty alright where I’m at.

Festival season is in full swing and I loved you Adidas get up at Coachella. Do you have any other festival fashion or beauty secrets?

I have the best beauty secret ever. As a performer, I never worry what I look like once I’m on the stage. Just forget about it and be free. Not standing there with caked on makeup, worrying about your face. I’d rather be sweating and be able to play a set and be feee than worry about that stuff. Having said that, I do recommend wipes. If you get sweaty and you’re walking around a festival, that’s very helpful. My male friends are always asking for them. Also, just get a pair of sunglasses and you’re set. If people are worrying too much about what they look like at a festival then they’re not going to have fun. It’s about the music and just having a good time. It bothers me when people diet for festivals. At the end of the day, no one really notices that shit.

Alison Wonderland - Adidas - Galore Mag

Nowadays people are more obsessed with their Instagram appearances at festivals than the actual music.

Yup, I always have a better time at shows when my phone is away.

Given your namesake I thought it only appropriate to ask: what’s your fairytale ending?

Happily ever after like everyone, right? Also, that I could fly. That would be cool.



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