Alisa Ueno // 植野有砂 Puts the Venom in Fig & Viper

Young entrepenral Japanese “it girl” Alisa Ueno business Fig & viper is more than one to watch, she’s already achieved success in her company and is looking to expand. Check out her interview and pix for a new issue below!

Interview & photographs by Maya Kibbel


Where’s the best place to drink in Tokyo?
Anywhere! I love clubbing, but I probably go to “Sound Museum Vision” the most.

What is the best food to pig out on in Tokyo whilst drunk?
Convenience store rice balls with seaweed inside! I also love all the different fried chicken from there too. And of course, RAMEN!

Who are your ultimate girl crushes currently?
Sita Abellan and Taylor Hill!

What are your favorite lingerie brands?
Gooseberry Intimates and any lingerie from H&M.


What panties or clothes make you feel sexiest?
Alisa: Kimono style gowns made of satin! Satin really makes me feel sexy.

You only started Fig & Viper two and a half years ago and it’s already a global success, what are your next goals for the brand?
Thank you! The first goal is to make Fig & Viper better known worldwide. Then eventually I’d love to start a men’s line. Also, I really want people all over the world to know what an amazing place Tokyo is. Tokyo is more than just a “kawaii” (cute) cultural place! Ultimately my future dream is to travel everywhere, whilst keeping a steady job!

What’s your favorite English cuss word?
I really try not to use any bad words!

Can you give our readers a shout out?
Through this special issue I’d love for the readers to realize that Tokyo is such a cool city. If they realize that I’ll be very happy. There are sooo many awesome people here other than the people well known through “kawaii” (cute) culture! Lastly, please follow me on instagram @alisaueno.


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