Model Alina Baikova Partnered Up With Leonardo DiCaprio To Save The Planet


Last night was the Leo DiCaprio Foundation Gala Auction in Saint Tropez, which is all about raising money to protect the environment and save the Earth from global warming. Model Alina Baikova is lending a charitable hand to cause by contributing floral centerpieces for the gala through her online flower shop and app, Alina’s Flowers.

Baikova took the modeling world by storm in the early 2010’s, walking in such prestigious shows as Dior, Lanvin, and Dolce & Gabbana, and covering Vogue Australia, but she couldn’t shake the need to do more to give back. She became an ambassador for the Heart Fund Foundation, traveling to India and meeting children who were at risk of cardiovascular issues. After seeing the pain of parents imagining losing their children, and then the utter happiness they felt after seeing their children saved by the Heart Fund, Baikova promised herself she wouldn’t rest until she helped as many children as she could. Founding Alina’s Flowers was her way of bringing happiness and helping those in need. Besides being an app where one can order flowers for their loved ones (the whole of the proceeds go to charity) Alina’s Flowers contributed the centerpieces for all the hugest philanthropic events this year: AMFAR Gala at Cannes Film Festival, The Heart Fund Gala at Cannes Film Festival, and now the Leo DiCaprio Foundation Gala.

In the spirit of the foundation, Alina tries to do whatever she can to help the environment. “I use local products, and even though my business is in a sense adding pollution, we use only natural materials and always recycle. When it comes to beauty products, I use those that come in recycled bottles and are 100% organic. I always turn the car engine off when the car is not moving, reduce how much water I use in the shower, recycle plastic and eat as little meat as possible.” Heed her advice, and order some flowers for your boo off Alina’s Flowers to do your part!

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