Ali Simpson’s next project is all about new music

Ali Simpson has already interviewed everyone from James Bay to Gwen Stefani on her self-titled Radio Disney show. And now, she’s about to co-host an online music competition show, “The ShareSpace,” with Sony Music.

On the show, which is similar to “The Voice” and “American Idol,” contestants will tackle on a specific challenge each week, and develop their talents through guidance from industry professionals, but will have the benefit of support from a digital fan base. We caught up with Ali to chat about her latest creative endeavors.

You’re the youngest nationally syndicated radio host, with over 20 million listeners per week. How do you feel about that?

Well, I think its incredible because it gives me a platform to reach out to younger girls.

And with that platform, what do you wish to do with it? What kind of message do you want to put out?

I was inspired by so many incredible women growing up and I think because of my success its really for me to be that inspiration for someone else. I really preach to others not to listen to other people. At the end of the day, its about the confidence in your own self and your own body and no one else can change that.

Aside from all of your new endeavors, what type of music have you been working on recently?

I’m releasing two new songs in the second week of October. Lately, I’ve been writing lots of music in the studio, speaking about my personal experiences. One of them is an acoustic song where I open up about a breakup. But my favorite song though, is a poppy, up-tempo song, one that you just want to get up and dance to.

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Are you going to be releasing an album soon?

Well I’m going to first be following up with an EP. However I do want to keep releasing albums and showcase a variety of sounds.

How has your sound developed over the years?

Well, when you spend as much time building your persona, creating your comes organically. I’ve been playing with sound while working with a wide range in music genres. I’ve been learning from listening to pop artists on the top 40, from jazz, hip hop and R&B. I’ve also learned from so many pop icons, from Madonna to Selena.

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Who else does your inspiration come from?

Well I started out making music with my brother Cody. He really inspires me and continues to to this day. We’re very involved in each others music careers. We chat over text. Like if one of us is writing a song we’ll text the other like, “Look what I just made!”

And what is the end goal for you? How do you wish for your career to develop and continue?
There really is no “end goal” for me. I don’t believe in the destination, I believe in journey. I want to keep touring, making more music, taking it day to day.

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Photos by Solmaz Saberi

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