Wait, That Girl Who Robbed Paris Hilton Is A Doula Now?

So, remember The Bling Ring, that Sophia Copola movie about a gang of ragtag Hollywood teens who liked to party, take selfies, break into celebrity homes and steal stuff?

Well, Emma Watson‘s character is based off of real life bad girl Alexis Neiers who had the misfortune of having said yes to letting her life get turned into a reality television show shortly before getting arrested.  Pretty Wild chronicled her trial and generally portrayed her in the most awful light possible.


Although to be fair, from her own admission, bae was smoking 20 Oxycotin on the daily and spent her spare time “chasing around drug dealers, smoking heroin.”  Super rough.

So, what is Alexis Neiers doing now?  Delivering babies.  Because she’s a Doula.


After the birth of her own super adorable child, which resulted in a surprise trip to the hospital to get a C-section, Neiers was shocked at how little control women had over such an important moment in their lives.  But instead of being angry, Neiers decided she’d just be proactive.  One month of jail time will do that to a girl.

So if you find yourself pregnant, in LA and want the hands that have touched Paris Hilton’s private jewelry collection to be the first pair to touch your precious baby boy/girl, call up Ooh Belly Doula Services and just ask for Alexis.

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