Alexander Wang Got Drunk And Lost His Wallet At His Own Party

When you think of New York Fashion Week, you probably don’t think of gyrating pole dancers and Hooters waitresses passing out buffalo chicken bites, wings, and mini burgers, but Alexander Wang isn’t your typical NYFW designer. Instead of throwing tasteful after parties where fashion editors sip on champagne and discuss the ideal hemline for cocktail parties, Alexander Wang throws ragers.

He’s hosted a frat party on Pier 40, brought fashion’s elite to a surprise Courtney Love concert at a gas station, and in 2014 he held a top-secret party at a warehouse in Bushwick that Miley Cyrus famously wore ice cream cone pasties to and pill-decorated sunglasses to. But this year was a little different because Alexander Wang, the brand, turned 10 years old.  An ordinary eager just wouldn’t do.  Alexander Wang had no choice but to turn his fashion show into a strip club.


Angela Pham/BFA

No sooner had the 31-year-old designer taken his signature post-show run down the catwalk, the designer instructed the crowd to “take your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your friend’s drink, and chug it, because I want to see you go crazy.”  And man were there a lot of drinks for the crowd to choose from.  Mini mini-champagne bottles littered the room, Vodka poured freely from the bar, Alexander Wang jello shots were everywhere, and there was even an actual ice lunge, for those guests young enough to still revert to their college-aged selves when they get intoxicated.

As the party began, a curtain dropped to reveal eight pole-dancing strippers whose moves were so spectacular it caused one journalist to ask them if they were actually from Cirque Du Soleil. But no, they were just humble dancers from The Hustlers Club. Clearly, somebody needs to start making the rounds of the New York strip clubs more often. Might I suggest Sapphire.


Angela Pham/BFA

Perhaps the best part of Alexander Wang’s epic after party was the juxtaposition between the base entertainment and the star power of the guests who were in attendance. Among the A-listers who were getting crunk were Lady Gaga, Kanye West (sans pregnant wife), Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Bella Hadid, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and Behati Prinsloo who just couldn’t resist going HAM on her face with a tube of lipstick that probably cost more than my last Seamless order.

And because he’s Alexander Wang, the party surprises didn’t stop there.  With performances from Tinashe, A$AP Ferg, Ludacris, and my personal favorite, Lil Wayne, Wang turned his strip club into a scene from a music video.


Angela Pham/BFA

However, the night had one surprise that not even Alexander Wang had thought of: he lost his wallet. Before Ludacris took the stage for his 1:30 AM set, Alexander Wang took the microphone and announced to the crowd, “I lost my wallet tonight. Whoever finds it gets a really big present. And if you don’t find it, I mean, it has my ID init and everything I need to leave the country. So if I don’t get it, then I can’t go to Paris and do my f-cking [show for] Balenciaga!”

There’s always a price to pay to the party gods for getting turnt.  Still, here’s hoping Alexander Wang finds his wallet.  Keep your eyes peeled, guys.  You just may get some designer duds from it.


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