Alexa Demie Gives Goddess Tips & Beauty Secrets

Galore Mag Alexa Demie

Photography By Elias Tahan

Los Angeles is a strange place for any creative and especially for one who grows up in the heart of it all. Alexa Demie might be considered an artist on the rise, but she’s been an artist since the day she was born in Hollywood, CA. As any up and comer, she’s juggling quite the busy schedule. Her days are filled acting, singing and designing her new collection – Goddess. It’s not her hectic life that intrigues us though, it’s how gracefully she handles it. Alexa makes the perfect Galore Girl as she’s smart, stunning, and talented beyond belief, so we decided to talk to her about the LA artist mentality. She shared what it’s really like and even gave us some Goddess-worthy tips. Read it all below.

Galore Mag Alexa Demie

Topshop Choker, Love Haus Bodysuit & Topshop Coat

It’s rare to meet an artist that is born and raised in Los Angeles. Do you think it hurts you or benefits you?

I believe it does a little bit of both. I’ve had a bittersweet experience growing up in LA, especially being born in the heart of Hollywood. I was just thrown into it all at a young age. One of the benefits are all of the incredibly talented people that I grew up with and can call my best friends. I’m glad I had them by my side when witnessing the never ending “hollywood drama”.  It would have hurt me because I was around it at such a tender age, but because I was always working on creative projects with my friends, it was easier to ignore the craziness and keep going. We always talk about leaving and getting a cabin somewhere, disconnected from it all. Eventually we will, but for now, we have to fulfill our purpose here as artists. There are so many opportunities at your fingertips in LA, it’s hard to focus on one. We want it all and we do it all.

A group of creative friends seems like the dream. How do you view collaboration? Do you like working with others or working alone?

Collaboration has grown to be extremely important to me. Growing up, I loved working alone because that meant no mistakes. I could control every single aspect of the project. Recently, I’ve teamed up with artists who “get it” and have similar work ethics to mine. It’s been a blessing. 

Galore Mag Alexa Demie
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What’s the biggest struggle for you as far as juggling both acting and music?

Giving each one my undivided attention. I am the type to have a movie playing silently in the background, music blasting, numerous windows open on my laptop and a script in my hand while doing “lip trills”. 

How do you fight against those distractions?

Someone made a schedule for me recently and put it up on my wall, that has helped tremendously. I don’t know why it works, but it does. I’m not going to question it. Also, choosing the right film/tv projects that I feel will compliment my music and not take away from that. It is a little weird when you see a pop star in a film or vice versa. I think pursuing them together will be beneficial for me though. 

Acting & music will benefit one another and your career, but how does expressing yourself through both help YOU and your being? 

Expressing myself is one of the main reasons I do both. Expressing myself through music helps tremendously because I get to write about personal experiences. I get to be creative with writing. It’s like a diary entry I get to share in the form of a beautiful poem. As far as acting goes, as humans we are so afraid of being vulnerable, so we tend to block emotions we don’t want to deal with. I’m learning that I’m drawn to darker roles. It allows me to access emotions that I have been hiding under layers and layers of heartbreaks and the release is as good, if not better than therapy.   

I find when writing I can say whatever I want under a pseudonym, but as soon as I’m posting my name next to a story, I get extremely nervous. Movies you are somebody else, but music is all you. Which scares you the most? Making movies or music? 

This is a great question. They don’t necessarily scare me, but they both make me nervous. They are two creative outlets where you are allowing yourself to show fully, no walls up. If you have walls up when singing or acting, it just wont be as beautiful as it could be when you let yourself be immersed fully in your performance. Really feeling it. Experiencing it. 

What do you feel like when you’re singing?


Galore Mag Alexa Demie

Armani Exchange Pullover & Nasty Gal Sequin Skirt

You also have a clothing line called GODDESS. What’s the idea behind your collection?

I wanted to celebrate women. I also wanted to celebrate supermodels from the 90s. I have always been attracted to them. The attitude, the style, the beauty. I met an artist out of Mana Contemporary, Alayne Macchiaverna who is now a dear friend. We had very similar taste and wanted to create together, so I thought Goddess would be perfect. I selected six iconic supermodels and photographs and Alayne created a story for each one to go with the artwork. We put them on t-shirts and I hand picked two models of this generation that I felt represented the “Goddess” – not just beauty but attitude and class. Goddess is just one of the many collections to come from the Demiegod brand.

Any tips to being a goddess?

It’s all about attitude and the way you carry yourself. You need to be respectable, a little mysterious, innocently seductive and always bossy.

What are your 3 favorite beauty products?

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Chanel Mascara and Armani Lip Maestro #202.

What are your secret skincare weapons?

Dr. Lancer’s “The Method” and lots of water!!!

This sounds silly, but beautiful girls experience a different kind of bullying. It’s people afraid of you, not booking you because you are too attractive, jealousy in friendships, attracting the wrong type of guy, and the list goes on. How does it make you feel when people refer to you as “perfect” on social media? What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned regarding jealousy and rejection because of the beauty you had no choice in being born with?

It is really shit when it comes to friendships/relationships because some girls/boys won’t even speak to me, and if they do, it’s for the wrong reasons. It is also a blessing because the people who do speak to me end up being the ones I want to build relationships with. No one is perfect. NO ONE. You should never strive to be perfect you should only be yourself. I know we hear this all the time but it so crucial to just be you and never try to be anyone or anything else. I read something recently that said what if Jesus tried to be Buddha or vice versa? Just wouldn’t work and we wouldn’t have them. People love to assume things about me, but most of the time they are wrong. In high school everyone assumed I was a BITCH so no one would speak to me and most of my friends I found outside of school. I didn’t even have a high school boyfriend or go to my prom. Senior year I found a boyfriend, he didn’t go to my school and I had to pursue him. Being in the industry that I am in, I have become so comfortable with rejection. It’s nothing. Jealousy is one of your ego’s closest friends. We all have one. Get rid of it. The sooner the better. 

What can we expect from Alexa this year?

Actions speak louder? <3 

Galore Mag Alexa Demie

Photography By Elias Tahan

Makeup By Cherish Brooke HillNars

Hair By Mindy Palomo

Styling By Mallory Llewellyn


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