Alex Mills’ Remix of An OG House Track is Like Musical Inception

You probably don’t know it by name, but when you hear the original version of “Everybody Be Somebody” at the club, you’ll probably recognize it. The song was originally released in 1995, when the ridiculously popular house music group Ruffneck first released it — and it has since been mixed and remixed again by a multitude of DJ’s and artists.


The original was apparently based on a sample from “Bostich” by the Swiss synthpop band, Yello, (better known for their 1985 hit Oh Yeahfeatured in the famous film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) — so it’s basically a song within a song.

To add yet another inception-like layer, songstress Alex Mills has just released her take on it — breathing fresh life into an old-house fave for us to keep dancin’ to.

Alex has been deemed an electronic music specialist and says, “most tracks tend to convey what they want from you in either the chords, the groove, or the emotion. A good use of the space allowing the music to breathe is important, but essentially, Electronic music is no different from any other: a good song is a good song.”

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Alex’s musical vibe is home grown 90’s house music since that’s what she was raised on, having worked with Basement Jazz, Lee Foss, and many others. “Be Somebody,” marks Alex’s first solo release, “I always loved the original…I thought it would be cool to give it a back story and make it into a whole new animal. I hope I was able to achieve that.”

Take a listen to Alex’s new track and video for  “Be Somebody,” below! 

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