The Healthiest Ways To Cheat On Your Diet With Model Alee Rose

Some days you just feel like filling up on carrot sticks and spinach, running for three hours, and starting a fit-stagram to document your journey. Other days nothing will satiate your appetite except for a chocolate glazed donut and a bottle of wine. Model Alee Rose understands our diet woes, so she let us in on a secret: a cheat day is really important. Her realistic fitness advice reminded us that healthy diets and exercise don’t always need to be a constant dark spot on the horizon of your life. Sticking to a hard core, strict diet plan will inevitably lead to binges, so health-ify your life the fun way with Alee’s sustainable tips!


What are your top secret modeling workouts that can be done on location?


Do tequila shots count? I don’t usually do workouts on location, but if I feel I need to tighten up a bit, I’ll do an ab circuit right before we start shooting.


What are some tips to enhance your work out?


Stay hydrated. Keep your core tight and really focus on the muscle you’re working out.


Is there any diet plan you utilize? If not, why don’t you?


I try to eat as healthy as possible, staying away from unnecessary carbs like bread and heavy starches. I try to stick to animal protein and greens for the most part, which is similar to the Paleo diet.


What are some ways to pimp your diet to the max?


Slap it around and leave it on the corner till it makes me money! Just kidding. I drink a lot of lemon water, a big glass right when I wake up in the morning and then continue drinking it throughout the day.


Do you recommend having a cheat day?


Absolutely! It’s something to look forward to and it’s a great reward for staying on track throughout the week.


What’s the main thing that stops girls from getting the body of their dreams? How do you get around that?


The main culprit is alcohol!! And sometimes life just gets in the way. Getting the right amount of sleep, keeping stress levels low, maintaining a clean and healthy diet and a steady workout routine are all extremely important for having the body of your dreams. Take care of yourself!


Photos By Corey Epstein
 Interview By Stephanie

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