Aimee Song Gives Tips To Packing For Coachella Weekend 2

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Aimee Song of Song of Style is a true Coachella baby at heart. Combine her festival smarts with her major boho know-how and you’ve got the Kate Moss of femme desert style. Aimee will be heading to Coachella weekend 2 with a light bag full of the most amazing garments, so we hit her up for some festival packing advice. She shares the perfect pieces for a capsule wardrobe and how to avoid blending in with the masses.
What are your 5 essential pieces for creating a festival capsule wardrobe?
Beaded dress for parties, kimono as a cover up, boots for the festival, oversized hat, and a cut-out swimsuit to make a statement of course!
What’s the best bag to bring to Coachella?
A mini bag such as the Chloe Drew, since big bags are bulky and get in the way, especially in the crowds.
What are your festival dressing do’s and don’ts?
Don’t wear high-heels or even wedges. You’re going to be out in the fields walking all day on uneven grounds in the dirt so why would you torture your feet like that?
Do bring in your personality with whatever you wear. There might be a chance that someone will dress similar to you since most people go for that bohemian style so bringing your personality will make you different from others.
What’s the worst style mistake you’ve ever made? 
I’m sure I’ve made many style mistakes but I take every experience as a learning experience so can’t think of one worst style mistake.
How do you make sure a tee doesn’t look too casual?
Dress it up with leather pants and accessorize it. Tees are great because they are so versatile.
Where do you shop for pieces you know no one else will have?
I mostly shop online and whatever I buy, I always try to make it into my own. So even if someone else buys it, they’ll never style it the way I style it!
How do you make sure you won’t lose all your favorite jewelry at a festival?
Leave loose jewelry like rings at home. I love mixing in friendship bracelets with my favorite bracelets and since I know the ones I have are secure enough, I don’t worry about losing them. In the event you feel like your pieces are getting loose, it’s always smart to put them in your bag so you don’t lose them.
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