Agenda: 6 Brands We Love & Think You Will Too

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You may have read my Agenda experience post, but here is an inside look at what you missed. Our Galore Agenda show favorites consisted of some very epic girl squad brands: TAVIK, Stay Cute, LoveSurf, YRU, Dot Dash, and StyleStalker. Below, check out our favorite leading brands and my interviews with TAVIK’S designer, Carly Osler & Love Surf’s marketing coordinator, Emily Krak!!

1. The TAVIK girl is born and raised on modern beach culture, taking timeless concepts that clash with the dark digital lifestyle. She is confident, edgy, and an enthusiast of wearable minimalism- effortlessly transitioning pieces from day to night. She creates a modern vibe whereever she goes. She can throw on her favorite TAVIK suit and romper for a day at the rooftop pool then out to meet her girlfriends to see the local band at the Ace Theater.


Carly Osler

What sparked your interest in fashion? 

My grandma was always very glamorous in a shimmery, avant-garde sort of way. My cousin, Alexa, and I used to spend hours in her closet playing dress up and dreaming of owning a wardrobe like hers one day.

TAVIK started as a men’s brand with women’s swimwear. When did you realize you had the passion and drive to go beyond swimwear and design a full collection? 

The TAVIK girls and I love wearing pieces from the men’s collection. We feel that there is a need in the women’s market for easy transitional pieces that can be worn from day to night, beach to street. It felt like the right time to expand into apparel. Most of the women’s apparel prints are taken from the swim collection, so they can be paired as a cover up or dressed up with heels or boots. We have also expanded into women’s tech accessories, like iPhone, iPad and laptop cases.

TAVIK’s men’s line could be worn by females, too. Do you have any tips for women mixing menswear into their day-to-day look? What pieces from the men’s collection should every female covet?

I basically live in laidback men’s shirts and sweaters. A favorite of all the TAVIK girls is the Dirt Shirt – an ultra thin, worn-in tee that is designed to look “dirty”. I typically pair the shirts and tees with flat boots or sneakers at the office and booties or heels with something leather at night. You can make any menswear outfit look great with the right accessories.

What influenced your latest collection, and how did you use that as inspiration while you were creating?

While staying true to the brand ethos, “Modern Beach Culture”, the 2015 Spring/Summer collection was heavily influenced by 90s Vogue editorials and fashion icons of that era. Being from Canada, I am also inspired by the California landscape and color palette, from Malibu sunsets to the raw brick buildings of downtown LA.

Is your personal style reminiscent of Tavik? What are your top three necessities right now, both within your brand and outside of it?

My personal style is quite boyish – monochromatic with a minimal feel. TAVIK, similar to my wardrobe, is all about dark, digital beach patterns with tons of black, white, grey, and seasonal pops of color. My top three necessities right now within the line are the Dirt Shirt, the men’s Shin woven, and the Bianca mesh bralette. Outside of the brand, I have been living in my Adidas Stan Smiths, Wonderland Sunglasses, and an Isabel Marant sweater.  

Are you self-taught or did you study design? How did you turn your craft into your profession?

A bit of both. I have always had a love for fashion. I graduated from fashion school with a Visual Merchandising and Design degree in Vancouver, BC. Over the years, I’ve worked in many different avenues of the fashion industry, including running my own showroom for the West Coast of Canada. I made the move to California in the summer of 2011, and I got a lucky start through networking and my personal Tumblr, (Named before the book!) All of this landed me my current position at TAVIK.  

What are the TAVIK girl’s top three beauty products?

I can’t live without Glossier’s Balm Dotcom, Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick, and GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss hair serum.

When does your new 2015 collection hit your web store?

Be on the lookout early February. 

Lastly, what advice can you give aspiring designers? What advice would you have given yourself when you really needed it?

Work hard, network, network, network, and intern! Don’t be afraid to work from the bottom up, and listen to your gut. 

2. The LoveSurf girl is essentially a mermaid. That is, she’s active and in love with the ocean. She’s eco-friendly and does her part in respecting the earth by wearing sustainable, recyclable fabrics. Whether she’s checking coastlines for surf, hiking her way to unmarked waterfalls, or practicing yoga, the LoveSurf girl is an explorer looking for an adventure and a way to expand her fitness horizons. She demands fun, high-quality, comfortable pieces in organic prints and bright colors, capable of keeping up with her daily adventures in the sun, sand, and sea. LoveSurf girls are free-spirited, active, and natural beauties who love a good acai bowl.


 Emily Krak With Fellow LoveSurf Babes

What influenced your latest collection?

Our latest swimwear collection is very inspired by geometric patterns, collaborations with local artists, and incredible landscapes that have taken our breath away along the coastline of California. From the hidden waterfalls in Santa Cruz to San Clemente sunsets to the Carlsbad Flower Fields and Cardiff Reef in San Diego, each of our prints tells a story about these locations. The Seaglass bikini print, for instance, was inspired by San Diego glass artist, Michelle Kurtis Cole, who is paving the way for the merging of art with science. She is working on developing new substrates of glass to help regenerate coral growth within our local Cardiff reef. This amazing innovation motivated our own “Seaglass” print, which has a kaleidoscope view of the vibrant colors of sea glass merged with coral.

What are your favorite necessities right now both within your brand and outside of it?

You won’t see me leave the house without my Hawaiian shell bangles, Neutrogena sunscreenSun Bum coconut lip balm & LoveSurf Dream bikini top and LoveSurf Balance capris.

What do you hope to gain from Agenda?

As a new brand, we are hoping to use Agenda as a platform to introduce ourselves to the fashion and surfing industry, network with other brands, establish connections with retailers and media outlets and gain positive exposure and feedback. I’d say it was a success 🙂


3. Stay Cute finds their inspiration from cult graphics and today’s youth. It combines girl power and street wear seamlessly. This girl doesn’t just have a hot skater boyfriend, she’s part of their boys only fam!


4. The YRU girl has a free spirit. She’s an individual thinker who is inspired by art above all else. She dresses for herself because it’s fun, not for any other reason.


5. Dot Dash makes expensive looking shades for an extremely low price. This brand is for the young fashionista who can’t yet purchase her dream sunnies. These glasses feel just like the top quality designer pair your mom has, but they range around $30.


6. StyleStalker makes some of the easiest clothes to wear. This Australian brand has really grown quickly. Rarely does one company create clothes for every type of girl, but any female could pick something they adore off of their web store.


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